Fretboard Formula now shipping…

Got some good news so I’ll make it quick…

The Fretboard Formula course started shipping earlier this week and they are literally leaving out in ‘truck’ loads. 🙂 I was told the expression on the couriers faces was priceless! LOL.

We’re shipping via UPS (and USPS for the folks who needed delivery to PO Boxes of if you specifically asked for USPS.)

And I know you guys are excited to get your hands on it, and trust me everything is now going smoothly. We’re just asking for a little more patience. Boxes are on their way to you in droves.

The small hiccup that delayed us a few days was the MOUNTAIN of admin work to do just to get so many orders out the door…

We’re talking about manually correcting: incorrect shipping addresses, processing offline orders, hand verifying and removing duplicate orders where some folks placed more than one order in the rush to get a spot, contacting folks who accidentally selected US shipping even though they are shipping overseas, and on top of that answering a zillion emails 🙂

Yup, I still haven’t gotten any down time since the launch last Wednesday, but that’s OK… I’m still buzzed and my team has been great!

Anyhow long story short, stuff is going good now.

Just so you know we’re not having USPS or UPS send individual tracking numbers as this would mean revealing your email address to a 3rd party and we’re not into doing that, but just be assured that yo boy is doing EVERYTHING HE CAN to get everyone of you sorted ASAP.

Most of you know me so you know you don’t have anything to sweat about. I got ya covered 😉

Talk soon, I’m back to work


Today was freakin’ INCREDIBLE…

Thanks you guys!..(and gals!)

When we opened the gates to the fretboard formula this morning to early bird clients, the orders *literally* (no kidding, no exaggeration) were coming in faster than any of us at the office could count…None of us never even saw the first order happen… (Or the first 26 orders for that matter)… They simply appeared.

26… turned to 118 in the blink of an eye… By 12:02 pm today it felt like I was standing in front of the Niagara Falls trying to catch water with a bucket.

You guys really are the best.

I’d love to give each of you a personal shout out, and of course the hundreds of new fretboard formula customers will be hearing from me soon, but for right now I honestly can’t tell you how tired I am.

The last few weeks have been all one long blur of phone calls, emails, trips, arguments with the duplicators, faxes, writing fat nasty checks, haggling, blog administration, writing more nasty checks, arguing some more…

Sleep was sidelined. Meals were sidelined… But seeing so many of my best customers (and newcomers) so excited about improving their own playing is a feeling that will energize me for a very long time.

Again you all ROCK.

If for some reason you had to stand on the sidelines and couldn’t share this memorable event with us today keep watching the blog and all I can say is that I hope you can join us soon.

Everyone is excited to know which bonuses they qualified for… and I’ll be letting you all know shortly but for right now, yo boy needs some shut eye… 🙂


The Fretboard Formula – *Crucial* Instructions for tomorrow!

OK here’s the last minute info you need…

Step 1: Take a look at the new fretboard formula website:
You can see the price and everything else you need to know right there.

Step 2: Go here and secure a head start on everyone else if you a chance at getting in on this tomorrow;

Step 3: Take a look at the new limited bonuses I just added by watching this short video… Only 25 people get these so you gotta hurry… Click here to watch that video

Step 4: Get a pen and paper and listen to the interview I did with Jermaine Griggs – This is some decent stuff…

Step 5: BE READY TOMORROW at *12 NOON Eastern* or you just may miss out! Set an alarm clock, make a note on your cell phone what ever, just be ready. http://www.FretboardFormula.Com

Take care and talk soon!


PS Almost forgot… Click here for a sneak peek of the Fretboard Formula

The Fretboard Formula – Answers & Free Copies!!

(**This video is IMPORTANT – Please watch it all the way through**)

Yup.. you read right… Two people watching this video are gonna win a FREE copy of the new ‘The Fretboard Formula’ course AND a free LIVE bass lesson with yours truly!

In this video I’ll give a lot of info about the new course and tell you how easy it is to win one of the first two copies of The Fretboard Formula.

Watch this video *all the way through* and you’ll see why I am giving them away and the official breakdown and date etc of the Fretboard Formula

Oh yeah… there’s a ‘hidden’ surprise on 🙂 a link some of you might appreciate…

Where’s the Fretboard Formula?…

I’ll keep this short… I know there’s one BIG question on everyone’s mind right now…

“Alex, where’s The Fretboard Formula?”
…Folks are chomping at the bit to get their hands on my latest project (tons of preorder requests!) and I’m super thankful for all your understanding, support, kind words and patience despite the fact that I had to delay the original August 27 launch day.

Well as I’m typing this we have one more hold up as I am wanting to;

1. Produce more copies of the course to match the demand we’re anticipating and,

2. Give everyone an opportunity to get several little trailer ‘sneak peeks’ of the course as we get set to go.

I hate having to ask you guys to wait any longer but all I can say is that;

1. You guys ROCK. You really are a great bunch! (But then again we are BASS PLAYERS!! 🙂 and

2. We’re getting close 😉

Keep your eyes on this blog… This is the hot-spot for info. It’s getting to be crunch time and things are beginning to heat up…

More samples on the way and some great surprises too!

– Alex

I’ve got some bad news…

I’ve got some bad news…

As you can see I’m sitting in my Dr. Evil armchair, and it kinda looks like I’m about to deliver an internationally ‘broadcasted’
‘I’m-about-to-destroy-the-world-with-my-gigantic-death-ray-laser-beam-if-all-the-world’s-leaders-don’t-suck-it-up-pool-their-resources-and-pay-my-$5,000-ransom’ speech.

Yup – That would be bad news… I mean good grief… Where are world leaders gonna find 5,000 spare dollars??

Anyhow that’s not the bad news I got for ya… At least not today 🙂

It’s about something else.

Click play, watch the video update and then listen to the song I’m playing AFTER the news update and tell me if you recognize it. 🙂

Talk soon… Back to my top secret, evil mountain lair… Uh… Office.

– Alex
P.S. Oh yeah… If you guys dig the song, and want a step by step breakdown post a comment and let me know. I’ll see what I can do 😉

A *Major* Announcement…

I have a 3 MAJOR announcements to make, and it’s all in this quick video update I just shot for you:

Here’s the quick run-down – You’ll see;

1. What I’ve been working on like a crazed chimp for the past 18 months or so. We finally have a release date for the brand new mega course on improving your fretboard fluency fast!

2. Why I’ve recently had to hide some of the newest free video lessons and jam tracks I created for you, and the new download links you can get them at.

3. How to get Part 2 of the video lesson called, “Butt Kicking Bass Lines in 3 Simple Steps”…

Long story short, click play and watch the video update below;

– Alex

P.S. Oh yeah. In case you were one of the 3 people who missed Part 1 of “Butt Kicking Bass Lines in 3 Simple Steps” here’s the direct link;

>> Click here for Part 1 of Butt Kicking Bass Lines…

…but watch this only *AFTER* you look at the video update below.