Where’s the Fretboard Formula?…

I’ll keep this short… I know there’s one BIG question on everyone’s mind right now…

“Alex, where’s The Fretboard Formula?”
…Folks are chomping at the bit to get their hands on my latest project (tons of preorder requests!) and I’m super thankful for all your understanding, support, kind words and patience despite the fact that I had to delay the original August 27 launch day.

Well as I’m typing this we have one more hold up as I am wanting to;

1. Produce more copies of the course to match the demand we’re anticipating and,

2. Give everyone an opportunity to get several little trailer ‘sneak peeks’ of the course as we get set to go.

I hate having to ask you guys to wait any longer but all I can say is that;

1. You guys ROCK. You really are a great bunch! (But then again we are BASS PLAYERS!! 🙂 and

2. We’re getting close 😉

Keep your eyes on this blog… This is the hot-spot for info. It’s getting to be crunch time and things are beginning to heat up…

More samples on the way and some great surprises too!

– Alex

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Alex Sampson

Alex is the founder and owner of BassGuitarTips.Com

30 thoughts on “Where’s the Fretboard Formula?…”

  1. AHHHHH – man what tease!!!! I was sold before I even knew what this was about!!!

    You just have a special gift Alex so keep up the good work and look forward to seeing the finished product.

    Catch you soon

    PS – please save me a copy – lol

  2. Great stuff Alex, I am really excited to see exactly what all this package will contain but it looks fantastic so far!! So when are you going to give us the price, for those of us on a budget..maybe with a few details of exactly what the package will contain? Thanks for all the hard work you do, I really appreciate it.

  3. Hey Alex, CG-X is great, I have learned so much already and am only half way through it, but I am really excited about this one. Bring it on man!!! I can’t wait.

    1. haha hi Dave, i know you guys are excited about getting the details… I haven’t said the price yet because the truth is I haven’t 100% decided yet… part of the delay is that we’ve had to change duplication companies at the last minute 🙁 and it’s now a complex algorithm of how many we think we’ll sell on launch day and stuff to haggle best price. I’ll be posting a full site soon with all the details.full course breakdown and everything.

      stay cool bro, and keep it tight over there in the UK… 😉


  4. Hey; Alex
    You are the man,smooth and clean.This is the way I will be playing if you keep teaching me this way.Down the road I would like to see you play a blues song.I let my band watch your vid. in the studio,they loved it. Can’t wait F.F.
    Fred Chavis .Canada.

  5. alex wow this stuff is going to really help me on knowing my fretboard great stuff keep the good work cant wait to see it god bless.

  6. GReAT man ALEX….. i ‘ll be waiting for this moments of master the fretboard with fluency. can’t wait to get one…..i bought the BGS its give alot of knowledge to us bassist.Thks Alex!

  7. just new to your site i will buy your program because how you go from ground up i stared to play bass in eight weeks i played my first blues open mic night went well its four months later playing 15 songs i have a great teacher but i need to understand how to make fills and frentboard this guy i saw on stage played fills in the songs he played was really good

  8. Love it, love it, love it. Please tell me that you break down that fill!!! I love your style and feel man. God bless you for all your help and dedication. Please drop more video clips or the FF itself. Cant wait anymore.

  9. hey Alex..please send us what you’ve got now…judging by all your past lessons it will be perfect…maybe you are trying too hard?…believe me “it will ba accepted”!

  10. Hey Alex, How about if I just send you my credit card? That way I know that I will not get left out!!!! It looks great, can’t wait.

  11. It’s been a while since you updated Alex, does that mean we’re really close? I’m standing by waiting 🙂 Ready for the FBF!!

    1. yup 🙂 man i can’t thank you guys enough for your patience but it getting close now… I’ll be doing a new video shortly with some cool info.

      talk soon


  12. Alex,

    What is going on? I have not heard from youand would like to know the price and when the BIG DAY IS. Ok keepupthe good work for all the good info. I will be on vacation soon and would like to have fret board formula to play with.


  13. HEY Alex,
    My birthday is on Thursday and I was hoping that the “fretboard formula” would be ready for me!!! Whata you say? I’m chomping at the bit!!
    Really, I’m so excited and checking the blog daily hoping for an update.
    Take Care,

  14. Gotta have the goods bro…!! I know it is worth the wait but can you at least put a few out for sale to a select pilot group…?? Ahem… I’d be more than happy to volunteer..!! 🙂

    Hope to get some good news soon bro…!! I think you have a great product…!!

  15. Alex, thanks in advance for putting a great learning tool togather. Man you are a gift from God, thanks for sharing your God given talent. I look forward to getting my copy and improving my bass playing skills.


  16. Hi Alex – I have used the Bass Guitar Secrets course for the last couple years. It has helped me progress from beginner stage to an advanced intermediate in a very short time. I refer back to it often for exercises and also advice when I am trying to come up with basslines for new songs. I am in 3 different bands right now – playing both originals and covers.

    I am looking forward to the Fretboard course because I have found the Secrets course to be a great value, and I expect even more from the new one.

    The thing about these courses is that there is a tremendous amount of useful information that I can refer back to whenever I have time. I have had several bass teachers in the last few years, and there are always the scheduling hassles – trying to get times when we are both available – then there is the cost – I usually pay $40 an hour plus gas to get there or pay extra for them to come to me. If I am later trying to do something they taugth me and it doesn’t make sense or I don’t get it – I have to wait until the next session and take up a lot of that time to review. Plus if there are interruptions – phone calls on their cell phone – or family issues they have to sort out -or their equpment problems, I still have to pay for that time. Not sure what the cost is going to be of the Fretboard course, but I’m sure it’s very reasonable compared to $160 a month, plus if I want to review something at 10PM it’s all right there.

    Also, thenks for being available by email to answer my questions. I know you have a lot of students, but I’ve always received a response pretty quickly.

    I have great expectations that this course will take me to an advanced level in a short period of time, and also give me a lot more options for designing basslines and improvising.

    I hope I win, but even if I don’t I will be getting the course. Feel free to use any parts of this separately, or the whole thing. Thanks.

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