A killin’ bass run from J. Raines!

There’s only 2 things you need to know before you watch today’s video…

1) Today’s bass lick is probably intermediate level, but I’m confident you guys can get at least parts of it… Watch the video to understand…

2) We’re now at video number 4 of our “Top 5” countdown… Number 1 is next! Don’t miss it.

Fancy Bass Run#4, And Doubling-Up On Your ‘Useable’ Licks…

Today’s bass lick comes in at number #4 on the TOP 5 countdown.

PLUS I give a quick explanation of a very simple way anyone can effectively double their “licks database”  without learning a single additional lick…

It’s super simple, kinda obvious, but I know for a fact that most people do NOT think about using this tiny little ‘tweek’.

Check it out and let me know what you think. And if you missed the first video in this series check it out here; (Click here to see #5)


Top 5 Bass Licks for September 2009…

Hey check this out… Because I know a lot of you are looking for new ‘advanced-sounding’ ways to spice up their bass grooves, I’m giving you 5 super-cool bass runs and licks you can swipe and USE IMMEDIATELY.

I admit, I ‘copped’ these bad boys myself from some pretty awesome bass players, but then I showed these exact same bass runs to a couple friends of mine last week and both of ’em almost blew a fuse… I had to slap em around a bit to get em to behave. Geez!

Check it out and be sure to leave a comment or I’ll have to come find you and take away your candy and comic books 🙂

Improve your ear, technique & fretboard fluency all at once!

Yo playa’ (bass player that is)

Grab yo’ bass & let’s have some FUN! In today’s video we’ll be doing some pretty high value stuff.

WARNING: If you’re an absolute beginner what we’re doing *may* be a little challenging, and it *may* take a while to ‘get it’ all under your fingers. But if it does don’t worry… The time and effort invested will be very well spent.

For intermediate players this will be pretty straight forward. Still very valuable though.


– Alex

P.S. For intermediate players I have a more advanced take on this too. If you’re interested let me know. Beginners let me know if you want something even more basic.

Genius exercise that builds exceptional bass technique…

The title video title says it all on this one… One quick WARNING though…

The 2nd part of this video is getting removed and put on another site in a few days… I’m just giving my blog readers a heads up before that happens.

So I’d watch both parts ASAP if I were you.



Part 2


Using ‘The Chicken’ to get some respect at your local music store…

Cool little video for you today.

If you’ve ever been to your local music store to test out a bass (or anywhere for that matter where you have a small audience) and your mind started drawing blanks for any cool grooves you could play on the spot…

…Here’s a nifty little jam that might be able to pull you out of a tight spot 🙂

It’s simple to learn, easy to put your own spin to, and if you pull if off right will certainly get you some dog-gone RESPECT from onlookers because it’s just so darn HIP… LOL

Hope you enjoy it.

Peace and chicken grease,


PS. The fretboard formula is about to return with a very cool surprise twist…

PPS. Please leave a quick comment below if you’re hip to the video, or I may have to talk smack about you to anyone who will listen 🙂


A little modern Gospel flava…

Hey gang, here’s the final video of your three part mini-lesson series. Been getting some requests from the church boys, so…

…If you dig the modern/contemporary gospel flava, chances are you’re gonna ‘cut up’ on this 😉

Oh, by the way, in case you missed part 1 & 2, here’s the links again;

Mini Lesson #1 : StarChild

Mini Lesson #2: Christian Rock Bass Solo


PS. Hit me with comments if you wanna continue the mini lessons. I need to hear from ya!

1/16th note ‘rock’ bass solo… :-)

Ok… In today’s mini-lesson we’ll quickly go over a bass solo from a Christian rock styled song…

This is something a customer specifically wrote in asking for me to cover and he was nice about his asking :-). Whether you play ‘Christian Rock’ or not, you should give this a shot and see how how your 1/16th-note-string-crossing technique is 🙂

SideNote: In case you’re wondering, the “1/16th note” reference is to the ORIGINAL version of the song that has a different drum groove to what I used in the video.


PS. Don’t forget to look at yesterday’s lesson! Click here if you missed it!