My DB Cooper Story!

Wanna hear my DB Cooper story? Here’s the deal…

I just got interviewed by the one and only Jermaine Griggs of (fame) If you’ve never heard of Hear And Play I’ll just briefly update ya…
If you’re into playing Gospel Piano, that site is the joint! In other words it’s hot, its reach is huge and it’s the real deal 🙂 (To give you an idea Jermaine’s free gospel players newsletters boast subscribers numbering in the hundreds of thousands…)

Anyways your boy Alex was just interviewed and I had the entire thing recorded so you guys can listen.

Click here to check it out…

The interview is LOADED with solid tips for improving your playing… You’ll get to hear my DB Cooper story and why it was the trigger that started an rapid amount of improvement for me on bass…

Well I’ve said enough… Go listen to the replay of that interview and be sure to have a pencil and paper in hand!

Talk soon


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5 thoughts on “My DB Cooper Story!”

  1. Great stuff Alex. It’s easy to get excited about this stuff because I can hear the excitement in your voice. I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy tomorrow. So who won the free copies? Did I miss that somewhere? I assume it’s not me since I didn’t get an e-mail/phone call about it 😉 Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work!

  2. Johnny,

    Saw your trouble with streaming and thought of this. I was having that trouble too a while back and today mine was a little jumpy at the start so I tried this… not saying this will fix your issue, but it might. I would start the video, etc. pause it and go do something for a while..sometimes a long while, to give it time to catch up. It would usually work then. Just a thought.

    I have 300kps high speed DSL and it was still a little jumpy when I started it today, but I paused it, and waited for about 5-10 min., restarted it and it played fine in it’s entirety.


    I always enjoy hearing you talk, your ideas, and your lessons. You are always so encouraging and “up”! You are right on with your tips, etc. The DB Cooper story was helpful and so true. I always wished there was a “magic wand” that would “make” me a better player, but you’ve put it all into perspective with your lessons and this interview. Great job.


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