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    1. yup really close… this coming week will see a lot of developments… I’ll be giving a full breakdown of the course and stuff and probably putting out the new website (not sure yet)

      As far as when you can buy, I have a time line in mind but am kinda holding my tongue because i don’t want to have to shift the date again…

      So far, if all goes as it should (everything is all smooth now – we’re just waiting for word from the replicators to say, yup we have your stock done) and we’re solid!

      I can see the finish line! 🙂

    2. Alex,

      I know you are working hard on this project and it will be a great product when done. I’m checking everyday, because as soon as I seen the green light; I’m placing a order. Keep up the good work and God bless. Jimmy.

    1. Hi Marilyn! all looks really good now and while i don’t want to say a date yet till i hear back from the replicators (which should be any day now) I can say end of the month is a very safe bet.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      I really appreciate you guys/gals!

      Stick with me.


    1. Hey bro, thought about it but it’d be too much of a hassle… We’re talking about close to 10 hours of training in video… Downloadable video for that would be quite sizeable, then we’d face a lot more technical issues and stuff…

      A lot easier and ‘neater’ a process to just do hardcopies.

      Stay cool


    1. 😉 – man we’re not claiming responsibility for this photo dude… I’m telling you man… ‘They’ are the ones who leaked it… ‘They’

  1. Hey Alex,

    You really have my attention now!! I was afraid to evacuate for hurricane Gustav because I did not want to miss anything (smile). I know that this is really going to be worth the wait.


  2. hey Martin, now that’s humbling 🙂 but these are things we had to consider as well with the launch date… there seems to be a lot going on recently and we’re trying place this as favorably for folks as possible.

    Stay cool bro and we’re closing in…

    yo boy!


  3. Hey Alex,
    Thanks for the quick response.
    My next question would be, have you figured out what the cost is going to be?

    Also is there going to be a price break for those of us who were sold when we bought your BGS package?

    Thanks again for all of your hard work, and your love of the Music.



  4. Wow, Hey Alex, I don’t care how much it cost. I now it’s going to be the bomb! I just want my copy.


    lets get this party started.

  5. Hey Alex,

    You have just put the biggest smile on my FACE. I was on the brink of depression, and feeling like you don’t love us anymore… like you take pleasure in stringing us along…LOL.

    Like Todd said, I definitely need a price for budgeting, and it would be really nice and appreciated if there was some sort of perk for those of us who bought BGS.

  6. They leak any more info? Did they sneak a peek at the price tag? Not that it matters, I’m buying a kit anyways, just want to know how long I’ll have to make my current strings last, LOL. Keep up the good work man!

    1. Haha that’s funny… I suspect that they may be leaking a lot more info soon… including the price 😉

      Just about to post a new video breakdown for you all so keep an eye out… Then
      this week is gonna see a lot more details about the Fretboard Formula hit the screen.

      Stay cool bro


  7. Alex ,

    It looks good and very intresting and I am ready to dig in and eat so I can be full of knowledge and wisdom on how I should play and sound. Since you are not telling us the date at least tell us the price so I will be ready to buy on the FISRT DAY


    1. To answer your question – yes it is 100% applicable to the newbie. the course is EXTREMELY detailed and step by step and I include a ‘bringing you up to speed’ module on DVD 1 that’ll have everyone cooking!

      It is however not an ‘continuation’ of BGS – It is a WHOLE NEW COURSE, that does however *compliment* what we studied in BGS.
      Hope this helps.

      take it easy and have a great day!


  8. HI! Alex,
    I also have the B.G S. and I got it about two year’s ago.But why is everyone smoking Alex over the F.B.F? Hey you guy’s and gal’s we have plenty of thing’s Alex has sent us allready to keep us busy.Iam on a fixed income but I will find a way to get the F.B.F. package somehow.(Iam on your side teacher) I wanted this program yesterday but I have to wait also.My playing has improved alot my band E.R.B.want’s to look for program’s for guitar & drum.This look’s like alot of information coming our way .
    Thank you

    Fred Chavis,Canada

    1. Hi Fred, thanks for the kind words and for backing me up man… I appreciate it!! But really i don’t think folks are ‘smoking’ me as such… I think it’s all just old old fashion excitement 🙂

      Hope all’s well !


      PS. we have a date for release that’s 93% solid… Anyone care to know what it is? 🙂

    1. Hey Jeff, man i just noticed that somebody ‘leaked’ the ‘93%-sure date’ already… 😉 look carefully and you’ll find it… 🙂

      Stay cool bro! and thanks for all your support!


  9. Hi Alex,

    BSG is “A” number 1, second to none, I LOVE IT!!!!!

    Purchasing the new book, is this a “First Come, First Serve Basis” or priorities an old customer?

    Now I cannot wait. Are we there yet???

    Are we there yet???

    B sharp

    1. hey B sharp! big props to you! a zabillion thanks (that’s a real number by the way 🙂 ) to you for the kind words and we’re almost ready.

      Well it’s first come first server but I’ll certainly give my good folks the opportunity to have a little ‘head start’ 🙂

      Talk soon.


  10. Hit me with the date Alex, I can’t wait either, want one as soon as it is available and don’t want to miss the first batch.

    Just another question though, I need your advice on how to progress with BGS, should I stop using BGS when the new course arrives and use FBF instead, finish BGS and then go through FBF or use them both side by side?

    Great work so far, keep up the good work.



    PS had any thoughts about writing scripts for TV drama, you really know how to build the tension!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Martin, glad to know you’re on board! you’re in good company *a lot* of my best folks are already chomping at it as well and it’ll just be a blast for all of us.

      About the date… Let’s see who’s been paying attention… The new date 93% sure date has been ‘leaked’ already 🙂 and alot more leaking will be happening during the week.

      I have been trying to upload a video for you all for the last 2 days and I’m having a real hard time compressing it and converting it to flash format for uploading… I must have done this like 8 time already 🙁

      Anyhow really want to get that up soon… It’s a solid 44 mins video lesson… can’t wait to show it.

      Well talk soon and wish me luck gang.


      PS about your question… here’s what i would do… when i get FF I’d go through it once to get a landscape of the big picture… You’ll find that a lot of stuff in BGS will take on a new light then! and you will be able to work on either as your time permits because trust me while they are not dependent on each other, they are totally complimentary…

      hope this helps. I’ll address this more as this is a very good question!

  11. Alex, you’re killing me man, a whole nother week I gotta wait? What’s a guy gotta do to get a super secret early release of the material? LOL I’m sure it will be worth the wait for sure though!

  12. Hey Alex,

    I can’t wait I am so excited. I am a owner of BSG and diggin’ it that’s how come I know Fretboard Formula will be the bomb. With that being said I know it will sell like hot cakes so to speak and I know I’ve asked this before but it would really help if I could get a price range. I know you said first come first serve basis so I want to be one of those first. But I am dealing with a real bad finacial situation at this moment so I have to plan ahead. My wife really supports my musical career so she,s willing to try to budget so I can purchase Fretboard Formula. I am a minister in my church that happens to play for my church so I am commited to developing my craft for alot of reasons. Didn’t mean to go of into another phase or sound like a sob story it’s just I really want your program but I have to plan out funds that I really don’t have but I believe it will be worth it, BSG was and still is. Anyway thanks for listening. Can’t wait for the release date.

  13. Looks good and it looks like it will cost a small fortune from all that is shown if in fact that is all the ingredients of the Fretboard Formula. Still, its worth waiting for.


  14. Just wanted to say the new product looks great! You asked for us to tell you why we should be so lucky as to receive a free copy of the FBF. I don’t think I deserve it so much as I think it would be a great asset and really help me learn the bass. I live in an area were there are no bass instructors. Several guitar, but not bass. I have been working off of the internet to learn, but most programs use cheap animated flash and not real video of someone actually playing out/teaching the lessons. All in all, it makes for a tough time learning.

    My drive to learn comes from a desire to be able to play with my brother. He is a real skilled guitarist and has wanted to do some small gigs and I think it would be great to be able to play with him. We spent a lot of time living in different places and haven’t been able to hang out much over the years. I am hoping this program will help me learn quicker than the stuff currently available online so that I can realize my goal. Thanks for your time reading this and congrats again on the upcoming product launch!


  15. Yes Alex,

    You’re the man when it comes to bass education! The BGS course has really opened up my eyes (really my ears). I have a feeling that FBF will be the real eye opener. You’re also a marketing genius bro! You have great products and deserve much success.


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