Butt Kicking Bass Lines in 3 Simple Steps?

I’ve been searching for a 100%, totally unbiased way to describe today’s video and I’ve finally got it…

“It’s Bad” (By bad I of course mean super cool) 🙂

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s not the coolest thing since hair activator because of some real fancy-pants bass playing, but because as a teaching aid it finally distills the 1.93 bazillion (give or take) factors that make a great bass player, down into The 3 Most Powerful Levers you can use to crank up the overall awesomeness of your bass playing.

A few things you should know from the get go…


1. The master class-type lesson that follows is carefully disguised in simplicity but it’s some powerful ground level stuff…

…And I’m trying not to count my chickens before they hatch but it’s being rumored that “The Super Secret Bass Award Committee” (S.S.B.A.C. for all you newcomers out there) is dangerously close to handing it a very special award of some sort 🙂 (Shhhh! Let’s keep that quiet for now though.)


2. This video is NOT meant to teach you a bass line.

This is not an “Alex-spoon-feed-me-what-notes-you-were-playing-there-and
teach-me-a-magic-lick-that-will-cast-a-spell-on-my-listeners” type video, but please don’t complain because…

…The fundamentals I am going to teach you here are easily worth far more to your bass playing growth than “what-note-is-that”… Even if you’re a complete beginner! (Trust me, and the award committee on this one!)


3. This lesson is a 2-parter… I’ll be posting the link to part 2 in a short short… It’s currently being converted to online video format and uploaded… This kinda takes a while 🙁


Well that’s it go ahead – Watch and enjoy, then post your comments in the box below because I’ve got a lot more really great stuff planned in the pipeline but everything is subject to the feedback I get.

If you guys don’t encourage me and let me know how we’re going with the lessons I just don’t know what in the dickens I’ll do…


– Alex

In case you’re one of the now growing ‘mob’ of people curious as to what’s going on with the next video product I been hinting at, I’ll be giving you some way cool pictures in the near future that’ll help appease your curiosity 🙂

I also plan on posting some video outtakes from that new product and dee-darn-diggity if you like what we’ve been doing so far, ‘The Fretboard Formula’ course is flat out gonna KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF 🙂

OK video watching time now!



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319 thoughts on “Butt Kicking Bass Lines in 3 Simple Steps?”

  1. Hi Alex,
    Well all I can say is WOW this has helped me allot as I am only a beginner, But I have got so much out of this video cant wait to get the second one. Thanks again for your teaching.


  2. Great stuff Alex.
    Its so much easier to understand the theory of Bass playing when it is showen visually and explained in such simple terms. Yes send me the rest of this lesson.

  3. Thanks for another quality video Alex!! You never cease to give me tons of info and lots of good stuff to practice and work on 🙂

  4. Hi alex.
    I have been a member for over a year now.I can not say that I got everything sofar but my playing has gotten better.I play in a 3pc. blues band in Amherstburg Ontario,Canada .You are by far the best teacher Ive had.

  5. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for this great video.

    Are you planning to have a complete bass video lesson (or software) matching your bass guitar secrets books?

    Please send me rest of the lesson.


  6. Hi Alex,
    Just a quick couple of questions relating to the new Video.

    1: How dos one get to the Members area to get the Map?
    2: How dose one join the Video Club, and where?
    3: And how do we submit our E-Mail and Name to get Part 2 of the Video and the 4 free Goodies?

    Note! I am not complaining just curious about the explanations to these matters that are sated in the Video.


  7. Another Great Lesson Alex! You really gave a fantastic summary of the elements involved in deciding what, where, and how a bassist should play.

    Please sign me up for the BassLesson4Free Video Club and send me my 4 free gifts!

  8. it’s true… what you re teaching has me moving. So many other bassists just say practice but i need to know what I should practice lol thanks millions

  9. great lesson. gave a greater undertanding of what where and when to play looking froward to pt2 and those free gifts

  10. Hey Alex, Great lessons. I love the product I have so far. please by all means send me a copy of the rest of the lesson. It’s work, but with your help I belive I will get there.



    Be blessed.

  11. Hey Alex, wicked lesson you’ve truely opened up my mind to creating great basslines


  12. Once again, a fantastic lesson. I’ve learnt more in the last 6 months with your course than the last 6 years. Many thanks.

  13. Spent the last 3 hours going through the video clips and other content. I am an engineer by trade and really appreciate the structure you provide to pull this all together. I want more…


  14. Thanks For part 1 of the lesson Alex cant wait to see part 2, so sign me up and send to to me. And many thanks for your hard work and dedication.


  15. Alex,

    Last week I requested part II of the video. I know you are busy and maybe haven’t been able to send me the link yet but I was worried that my request never got to you. I’m sorry to bother you with this but your lessons have been so helpful that i don’t want to miss a thing.


  16. New guy here (not new to bass though); i’m digging your program so far.
    Your articulation of the info is second to none!!!

  17. Het Alex!

    I hope you don’t plan on going anywhere in the next 20-60 years since you have become my personal bass teacher! Whoops don’t mean to put the pressure on. ^_^

    Seriously though you are the man and I take every word you say to heart. One day I will make my teacher proud! (That’s you btw, :P)

    oh yea as if you didn’t realize, sign me up!

  18. Hey Alex!
    Thanks for the extra time you put in for the videos and all.. much appreciated!
    This video really opened up my eyes to how much I don’t know (modes, inversions, I don’t even remember the rest, there’s such a big list) -_- but I guess that’s a good thing since I know what to practice now. I got your course last summer when I had been playing for a month or two and I think I’ve really progressed since then. I’ve been playing for my church for about a year now and I really wanted to play as well as I could, and it really helped me, especially the theory and all the stuff about musical space.
    Ok done telling my story.. haha. Could you sign me up for that club and send me the second part of the video? Thanks again for everything!

  19. Alex,
    GREAT stuff man!
    I think this is terrific, showing how you come up with Bass lines, this puts me at a whole nother level of playing.
    Thanks I am looking forward to part 2.

  20. Hey, Alex,
    It’s nice to hear (and see) a grooving bassist give practical advice. I know, like everyone else, that I’ll be doing a lot better kickin’ out the jams. Thanks for being awesome, man!

  21. hey Alex,
    Awesome video. You are a great bass player and an excellant teacher. I started taking the home study course about a month ago and I cannot believe how much I have improved in such a short period of time. I should have learned this twenty years ago but noone has ever been able to make me look at music the way you have. Thank you so much for your help and insperation. You have already put me on the path to becoming the bass player I want to become.

    Can’t wait to see the next video.


  22. Alex,

    This is a great addition to you book lesson just this video helped to better understand some areas I was unsure about.

    Keep it coming!

  23. Alex,

    I really liked that lesson. It’s like your bringing together all the fragments of previos lessons I’ve had and it’s starting to make sense.

    Thank You

  24. Hey Alex … been awhile but I have been working at it … great stuff you put out and really like you latest video … Thanks, Barry

  25. Fantastic lesson, as usual. Shouldn’t expect anything but the best from you. Cant wait for the second part and the four freebies!
    Cheers, sam

  26. Alex,

    I have your Bass Guitar Secrets course and I’m progressing very well. The above lesson just blew me away….the lights came on and I’m trully inspired. I can’t thank you enough for your great insight and extremely effective teaching style.

    God Bless and please hook me up with more lessons and I’ll take any freebies you want to send my way!!! ;o)


  27. A lot of very good information here. I understand most of the concepts but what I really enjoyed most is how you put it all together and explain it. I wish I had this video when I first started. It would have saved me a lot of waisted time learning these concepts the hard way. Good job Alex.

  28. Alex, you’re my bass man from heavan. I’m actually getting it (most of it anyway). You teaching style and methodology is genius. I appreciate your efforts to help us and thank you so much.

  29. Hi Alex:
    Just want to let you know that I am really enjoying these lessons along with all the fantastic perks that go along with your course.

    Thank you Alex for you explanations of “What, Where and How” to play the Bass.

  30. I’m Loving it Alex!!!

    Great lesson man! I was just going over volume 1 of BGS last night. I been playing for a while but your stuff is full of the thoery in a easy to understand matter that makes playing so much easier! I will be waiting for the next email with part two of this lesson. All I need to do is reply to this comment section right? I didn’t see anywhere else to sign up.

    Again Great stuff man!

  31. That was a real cool video lesson!!! You shoud deepen these matters and make a DVD book, what do you think?

    Many start, but just a few go on in deep…

    Good work!!!!

    Thanks a lot and greetings from Spaghetti land.


  32. Hey Alex, you Bassplaying ubermensch!

    This is an excellent way of approaching any song, and a great way to keep practice sessions interesting, varied and beneficial. It was nicely broken down, and if you could do further videos on each section in more detail, that would expand the very powerful possibilities unlocked by these ‘secrets.’ Hearing your deonstrations at the end certainly helped, because what could be better to wrap up a seminar than some funky basslines? : )

    There is one question I had which still nags from the video, and that is the issue of ‘Contrast – high and low register’ (covered in the How To Play subscection). What does contrast, and high and low register, mean?

    And as a little extra: you don’t have to ‘try’ to do this, or ‘try’ to show that. Because you can just do it, or as we say in the UK, ‘give it a go.’

    Keep on posting these videos, and on teaching others with your passion. I and many, many others really appreciate it.

  33. Alex tanks fir these lessons.
    After so many books and teathers, why is no one telling this.

    best regards,


  34. Alex,
    I am in my fifty’s and have been playing for only a couple of years I bought your lessons and have tried to be dillegent in practicing, but as a “regular” person with a family and job it is very difficult to practice without leaving my other responsibilities at risk. These videos are priceless to me and well thought out.

    Please continue to keep a player like me in mind as you go forward we need your kind of insight. Even though the reality is that I will never be as good as I want but I can be happy playing every Sunday with help like this.


  35. Hi Alex,

    Thanx for this clear and easily understandable summary of a lot which is described in your course. The visual way by video makes it a lot more fun.
    Will be very helpful to come up with my own lines.

    You’re doing an enormous job which is of tremendous help so thanx again.

  36. Very Clear, Very Practical, Very Useful stuff.

    The explanation of the Kick, Snare, Hi Hat concept is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects on how to relate to the Drummer. I have played drums professionally for many years and know that this makes a huge difference in bass players. I know and work with pro bassists that still need to learn it, or maybe just learn to believe it!

    Thank You

  37. Thanks Alex for this video lesson, things are starting to make a little more sense to me now. Please sign me up to your video club.

  38. Alex you did it again Thank You for your for the tips . Runs ,Fills, is what i need . This is good …. Tom

  39. Alex,
    Great illustration and supporting information for the techniques & theory of the Bass Secrets courses.

    God Bless,

  40. What a great teacher you are ! You bring all the essential elements of music in an organized manner. Totally inspiring for all players of all levels and instruments.
    I’m a professionnel guitar player,arranger and will recommend your product anytime.
    Michel Deslauriers

  41. Hey Alex,

    Thanks again for another very informative video. Please sign me up for part 2. What is the “fretboard formula” you mentioned? Is that the same as lesson 14? You are an AWESOME bass player and teacher!!!!!


  42. I like your style, Alex. It is truly an inspiration to see you play. I’d like to know more about substitutions to get the “out” side that you described earlier. I’ve always thought that the jazz cats must have some sort of thought process, even if they do play what they feel.
    I’d love to see the rest of the videos.

  43. You still da Man! Nice video! You make everything so clear. This is an excellent compliment to the Manuals.

  44. You’ve done it again Alex,

    Terrific watching you play. This is my biggest hurdle trying to play simple with speed & punch. Practice Practice I must. I can’t wait to see part two even though I can play the right notes but not with that fast staccato feel. You are quite the teacher.


  45. Great lesson Alex. I took lessons for about a year and was only given songs to learn. I really love what and how you teach. You are helping me get whats in my head down to the Bass.


  46. The video is absolutely great information. As a beginner, I can actually understand what you are doing and it was very easy to follow the concept. I can’t wait to make it part of my studies. Thank you so much.

  47. Hi Alex,
    Hope you do not mind me putting down a few words of my musical beginnings. I started playing classical accoustic guitar in the late seventies, in the early 80’s three friends of mine asked if i would like to play electric bass guitar and join ther small band consisting of a drummer, keybaord player and lead/ryhrm guitarist. As the transition to an an electric guitar was quite diffrent from a 6 string accoustic and having only 4 strings, i managed to use my novice experience in using scales in which i had previously learnt, to try and fit in and match the feel of the music and lyrics which were mainly ballad type or blues, which the lead guiatrist and keyboard player had composed. As a newcomer to the Bass and band, the lead guitarist kept on insisting i use a plactrum and use my fingers to damp the sound of single notes that i was playing in a chord scale or progression. I found this very confusing,not using my classical style of fingreing, very wooden, frustrating and boring, which did not express my own feeling or groove of the music with the bass guitar, and that i was doing someting wrong!! i felt that the bass guitar was something of an enemy that i could never master or play !! and gave up !! After that experience i have been listening to radio, cd’s, looking at videos of all types of music, and bass players, trying to play along with fills and licks at home, to try and unlock the mystery of the bass using my fingers only, not a plactrum!! I have now come to realise that my own ablity and technique had been crushed at a very early stage.

    However having just joined your bass lessons, i am so happy to know that i am not on my own anymore, your love of the bass and music style which i like shows through, and as a personal tutor i can actually watch and see you play !! you have given me all the help and incentive i need to get me back playing the bass again. The manual and videos are very informative and your ongoing support is really helpful too, all at such an amazing cost.

    Thank you so much Alex



  48. Alex, I have been a member for several months now. You are exactly my style of teacher. I play as a member of our church worship team and really enjoy what you are teaching me. Thank you so much for doing this. God bless you.

  49. Alex,

    Again, I bow and say, “I’m not worthy!” You always make it look so simple, but I know that’s just because you have so many years of experience under your belt. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been playing for quite a while now and can’t even come close to your playing ability. I guess I’ve been a beginner for 22 years now! Bass playing has been just a hobby and I have not really pursued it like I wish I had early on. I’m basically all self-taught, but your materials have made me realize that I’m using such a small amount of technique compared to what’s really available to me. I need to learn, absorb, practice and express so much more that I do! You inspire me to play. But, most importantly, you inspire me to play better. Thanks for passing along your knowledge and wisdom to the rest of us!

    God bless,

    1. Thanks Alex, I wish I had come across your program in the beginning of learning to play the bass. You have explained and articulated the Bass theory in such a plain concept that has revived my approach to execute better improvasation. And from the look of all the other Bassists from around the world, by their comments, they’re all feelin’ the same too! I’ll be looking for Volume 2.

      Thanks again and God Bless!!!

  50. Thank you Alex, for making that video so inspiring and not losing us novices after the first few minutes. Really brings everything together into practical presentation, and makes me almost believe I can do this!

  51. Thanks for the video it was a great breakdown on the parameters that go into the making of a bass line.

  52. Thanks Alex, for the video –
    Butt Kicking Bass Lines in 3 Simple Steps.
    It open my approach to playing bass lines much clearer plus understanding
    the music language related to your insrtument and the avenue how to approach it
    in a way that makes sense. (Waitting for part two.)

    Thanks Alex and God Bless You.


  53. His explanation of a beginners learning process is right on and after watching this, I now understand what I should be doing when trying to figure out bass lines.

  54. hi alex,what a great video. you have made this easy to understand, now back to practice. regards peter russell

  55. Great Video. Thanks for the time you put in! I love understanding “Why” we do what we do!

  56. As ususal, Alex, very solid knowledge that can be applied right away!!!! It really is about the groove-and a groove is a terrible thing to waste!!!!

  57. Very, very, very professional. i hope i will be very good like that in future. Thanks, keep it up. We need more of that. cheers!

  58. thank you for putting so much effort into these lessons. they are very helpful to me as a beginner on the bass. please keep it up.

  59. Alex,
    I enjoyed your vid. I am glad you used one of the tunes from your course. I found myself in a rut, but by demonstrating and pointing out the necessary steps in creating a bass line helps. I have been practicing modes, scales, arpeggios, etc. but I have a tough time applying them. For future vids it would be great if you expanded on this by incorporating more chords and pregressions as well as helping define again the kick, snare and high hat.
    Regards, Rod

  60. This is the kind of detailed information I have been looking for. Keep the video lessons coming and the great content.

  61. Alex,

    Your teaching ability is wonderful; you are wonderful. It’s very clear to me it’s NOT primarily the money that drives you to do what you do, but rather the fullfillment it brings you in knowing you are helping so many others – hence why comments and replys are so important to you! I’m sure I speak for many others when I say “we” thank God for you. Because of you, the Bass World is, no doubt, a better place!
    Please continue the excellent work you’re doing. God bless,


  62. Really great teaching. You put in to one video, what my teacher needs half a year for…


  63. Alex, thanks for the continued education, You are smooth by the way you program has been the best investment I could have ever made,God bless and keep it comming

  64. I can say without question that your course is the best I’ve come across, even without the added lesson and info. I can tell you love what you do. Keep up the good work! I’m going to stay in the wood shed until I can get it all.

    More Time,

  65. thanks for the help its not really alot of musicians that would do this greatly appreciated !!!!!!

  66. Alex ~ you are such a cool cat / Your tutorials are fantastic! I’m so glad to be a member of the Bass Secrets family.


  67. Thanks for the video. It’s very informative and cleared up a lot for me.
    Solid as a rock. keep it up teach!

  68. That IS good alex. I’m starting to enjoy pulling scales apart while playing to different grooves. Fitting things in and not cramming them in now.Thanks

  69. That was awesome alex…. I have been waiting for something like that and youve exceeded my expectations yet again.

    thanks man
    Your the best teacher ever


  70. Hi Alex,
    I tried to learn guitar a few years ago, and the more I learnt about music the more complicated it seemed to get, and I sort of got a bit lost, and then I started to lose interest……etc.
    After seeing what you do, how you teach, it all looks a lot clearer, more structured, and, like the bass, makes sense.
    I have to thank you very much for your time, effort and generosity.

  71. Love the lessons. As a beginner bassist, there is a lot of material to work through. It is great and I enjoy the improvement I am experiencing as I practice and apply the lessons to my playing.

  72. Alex – great stuff and very easy to grasp! I think I am already a member, but if not, please sign me up! Thanks.

  73. I’m basically a guitar player doing home recording on a BR-1600. I quickly became bored of the canned bass because I couldn’t get the expression I wanted for my bass lines.

    So I bought a used bass from a guy at work and soon after came across your offerings. I thought it was well worth the money, but you continue to keep stretching my dollars with these great follow-ups.

    I love the chart. It can really be adapted to other insturments and is one of the best things you have given to us musicians.

    Keep up the great work!

  74. I love how you have brought all these musical elements together and showed how they are applied to creating cool bass lines.

  75. Alex: Thanks for making bass playing into a structured system with room for creativity. That helps people with simple minds like mine.

  76. Thanks Alex your videos are great!!!! please send me a copie of the complete lesson to kryg3n @gmail.com

  77. alex,
    thank you. although i bought the system (by download), which i love, your emails and videos make it much more personal. i appreciate your commitment to music education.

  78. Hey Alex!!! I have been playing for years, but you still keep showing me new stuff. Nice grooves by the way! Ian . M/cr Uk

  79. Hey Alex, I am busy working through the GC-X course, which has simply been amazing; this video is an awesome supplement to the course. You are an amazingly gifted musician and teacher, bless you brother.

    Sean Dunn

  80. Dude, you rock! I look forward to getting the continuation of this lesson.

    Thanks a bunch,


  81. Alex, thanks for all the help. I’m still trying to learn. I’ve gained a lot of insight from your courese,and videos. Pleas don’t stop making these.


  82. Thanks again, Alex, for a job well done and very thought-thru. I am amazed at the number of Praise and Worship bassist that have responded to the help you have given them. The video is once again fantasic and just before your head gets to big, remember who have you the ability to play and teach. God’s hand is upon you son. Keep up the good work. Even though I’m a seventy year old, I’m still learning, so don’t stop now

  83. I have been having trouble figuring out how to put arpeggios and more of the basic theory that I have been learning into use to improve my playing. This lesson really helped me to realize how to do that. Thanks.

  84. Alex:

    This video is just what I need. It just so happens that I spent today going through the second half of volume two and this video helps to seal the deal in a very practical and easy to understand manner. I can’t wait for part two of this video lesson. Please add me to the BassLesson4Free Video club.


  85. Very nice, Alex. Is that a Suhr Classic J you are playing there? I have received far more than what I bargained for with the Bass Secrets Supercourse. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris, yup – good spot. Not a lot of folks recognize the bass.

      Although the company (Used to be Pensa-Suhr) is now called just Pensa as John Suhr left. Nevertheless it’s a fantastic instrument though.

      Christian McBride plays em publickly and a truckload of other folks play them once they are not under contract to play their ‘sponsors instrument’.

      Stay cool and thanks for the comment.


  86. Still can’t believe all these extras after buying B.G.S. Each extra lesson gives more inspiration. Thanks Alex

  87. Definately the best money I’ve spent to improve myself. Lessons are very clear and precise, the videos really help because the feel of having a tutor in the room with you, being able to see and hear what’s going on, etc. is a much better approach than reading it from a book.
    great stuff.

  88. Fantastic stuff!

    I play guitar, but took your course to widen my understanding of the fretboard and learn to free up my solo playing and comping.

    Don Hahne

  89. Very good instructional tape i have been playing for a while but still can’t get
    all of my runs in order when playing some songs
    especially if I do any slapping or plucking but right now playing country music
    so no need for that but I would like to beef up my playing skills somehow >>>>///@???

  90. I am just getting started playing the Bass and I need all the help I can get.
    Your videos are a tremendous help because I can see what you are doing as well
    as reading about it. That is a terrific help to me. I am 78 years old and play the
    acoustic guitar so I understand about chords and scales and that sort of stuff.
    Thanks a lot for your free help with these lessons. You are like a personal instructor
    to me. Thanks again.

  91. Alex tight lesson! Thanks for continuing efforts to make enjoyable bass playing possible.


  92. What’s Up Guys?

    This is acually my first comment on the blog. First off I just wanted to say to Alex that what you are doing here is absolutely fantastic. I don’t want to sound patronizing, but come on! How many sites have we all gone to and found someone that is willing to promote thier product by self-less and tireless (meaning ->Alex Sampson) dedication to the many bass players (begginers or seasoned-pro’s alike) who actually believed in them and are genuinely interested in each of thier pupil’s personal success as a musicians and I fully understand this is a site that promotes bass playing, but I look at what Alex is doing as a nuturing of the mind of a musician not just the minds of a bass player! What you are doing here Alex is astounding to say the least. I had played bass for many years in a semi-pro band (13 years). Long story short “Band split” I played for a bit afterwards then found myself unmotivated and loosing interest in the “BIZ” But when I discovered your course it awakened something within, something that has always been there buring! All I can say Alex is THANK YOU! ‘My groove is no longer stuck! LOL 😉
    -Keep the fire lit-

    Thanks Dude!
    “May God 4ever bless you, you are a very special gift!”

  93. alex,

    love the stuff. thanks for all the tips. i downloaded the course and i’m learning a lot. i am a reader. this is the first time i’ve worked w/ tabs. do you have any plans to have some exercises in bass clef note form? again, thanks. michael

  94. Alex
    Thanks for the great material, theres alot to come away with. Thanks for all the time you put into for our use. Rob Golden

  95. You have an excellent understanding of the theory and “anatomy” of how a bass player should think. I have been learning for a few years and you have been able to communicate this understanding better than any of my prior teachers. Keep the good stuff coming!

  96. Alex, your lessons are the GREAT. Man you know just how to break it down. Thanks for that. Countdown to 8-20-8….

  97. Hi Alex
    I have been practising with your bass lessons and makeing steady progress, but after watching this video i have just had one of those massive penny dropping moments, im off to go and practice, keep up the good work.

  98. Alex,
    My complements on your very thorough and “common sense”
    approach. I have enjoyed music my entire life and now,in my
    50’s with some limited spare time,I hope to be able to create
    rather than just listen!
    I believe that I have made a wise investment in purchasing your
    course and look forward to my musical future!

    Being a complete novice I would have enjoyed a more close-up
    view of the fretboard and your technique during the video.


  99. Hey Alex,

    Great Video! It’s a great supplement to your course of which I have been studing for the past year and a half.

    I didn’t see how I could get a print out of the “Mind Map” outlining the What, where, and how to play. How do I get it?


  100. Hi Alex,

    Hard work you have put into this.
    Sincerely appreciate all and the great effort into the details and the break down of all the parts so we can digest what you trying to explain much smoother.
    Thank you.

  101. Awesome tips. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I wish I would have had these earlier in my playing days but you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!! Thanks Alex!!! Keep up the great work you are doing.

  102. Alex,

    I have your first book I picked up last year. Awesome. I can’t wait for the new book. You are a master . . . and an internet guru!!!

  103. Alex, mate great to see you, this is the first video (apart from the one i saw an hour ago in the email) i’ve seen of you and its good to put a face to the man behind all the emails. For some reason I thought you would be in your sixties, haha i was wrong. I’m still going through book 1, nearly finished, i play the drums more so but love the bass also. Doing a great job man keep em comin. Thanks for everything.

    Your mate


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  139. Hey Alex,

    First time commenting, but I have really enjoyed the straightforward approach to your system, I’m a novice , but have the determination to see this through even though I’m on the downhill side of 49!

    Just need to buy out the time to get really immersed, now. Your videos should keep me motivated.

    Glad I found BGS online!

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