Using ‘The Chicken’ to get some respect at your local music store…

Cool little video for you today.

If you’ve ever been to your local music store to test out a bass (or anywhere for that matter where you have a small audience) and your mind started drawing blanks for any cool grooves you could play on the spot…

…Here’s a nifty little jam that might be able to pull you out of a tight spot 🙂

It’s simple to learn, easy to put your own spin to, and if you pull if off right will certainly get you some dog-gone RESPECT from onlookers because it’s just so darn HIP… LOL

Hope you enjoy it.

Peace and chicken grease,


PS. The fretboard formula is about to return with a very cool surprise twist…

PPS. Please leave a quick comment below if you’re hip to the video, or I may have to talk smack about you to anyone who will listen 🙂