The ‘Star Child’ mini lesson…

Hey guys two things real quick then we get into the video…

1. Here’s to you having a  Prosperous, Healthy, Happy2009… I really appreciate you guys and wish you ALL the BEST.

2. Be sure to leave lots o’ comments 🙂

Let’s start the show.

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134 thoughts on “The ‘Star Child’ mini lesson…”

  1. Alex, that was some groovy stuff. I am a fan of the Jamiroquai funk, so that fit right in the vocab I am striving to become more fluent in!! Thanks

    1. Alex thanks for the insisht on star child. Thats pretty sweet! Enjoyed the lesson. Pretty much got that one down. Now I’m working on the others. Keep up the good worked.


    2. Hi Alex I am A little slow but I am beginning to get your lessons especially your mini star child could you get in to some more Gospel grooves I am trying to play in church

    3. Alex

      That was a very nice piece for your 2009 collection. I’ts been great check-out your lessons. Keep up the good work


      Doug Portland, Ore.

    1. i am having problems checking out Alex Videos….When I press play it keeps repeating over and over…whats the problem? Mack

  2. Hi Alex.

    A healthy, happy and prosperous 2009 to you and your team.
    FBF is an awsome product, it has given me confidence to play more outside the red zone, (as you call it). Thank you for the mini lesson as well.

  3. You surely are a terrific bass player. But I play bluegrass music, so I can’t relate to those funky beats. I did buy your program, but I got lost in it and never did get through it. Do you have any bluegrass lessons?

  4. Hey Alex, Happy New year to you!. Geat stuff. I am the whitest bass player with some funk potential, or that is to say, I want to be able to play like that. Your video is just what the doc ordered. Clear fingering and theory. I am hooked. tommy

  5. Hi Thanks for the short lessons,

    Im finding them really helpful just wondered if the camera could show the other hand at the same time it just cuts off at the bottom, Im still stuggling with my fingers if I could see how both your hands function It would help me greatly.

    Thanks again


  6. Great stuff Alex. I love the fact that you only gave degrees, with a few hints of note names. I can’t wait to get home and put this under my fingers. Your Fretboard formula and the Bass Chops Accelerator have supercharged my playing and I am not even close to having worked through all of either of them. Patient practice, right? 🙂

    Keep up the great work Alex!!

    1. Hey buddy, you got it my man.. patient practice! 🙂 Real happy to hear you enjoying the courses… Keep it tight.

  7. Alex!

    Thanks so much man! Love that funky stuff.

    Happy New Years to all!

    I truly appreciate what you are doing here.


    1. Man, that’s exactly what I told my stylist but she insisted on going with the headphones and I had to take her advice… I was paying for it! 🙂

  8. Hi Alex
    Happy new year.
    thanks for the mini lesson,
    good to know your looking after you customers so well.
    all the best.

  9. All the best for new year to you all there –

    Loving the short vids & can’t wait for my full course to arrive – should be here soon!
    Looking forward to working out how to approach some of the fills you add for my 4 string.

    Bring on the next batch – Keep this good stuff coming please!!

  10. Thanks, again. I just finished the 2nd module of the Fretboard Formula; thanks to the cousre, I was able to fully understand, and duplicate what you covered in the video. I can’t thank you enough for the work you put in to develop the Fretboard course; it’s fantastic.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Alex,

    Happy New Year and thank you sooo much for this video. I am a fairly new bassists and I had bought other books and tapes and your program is head and shoulders above all of them. I have learned so much in the thirty days since I started your program and I have to literally make my self stop practicing so I can go to work.;) Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.

    God bless,


  12. alex that’s real kool can you help me out on my funk of the funkiest gospel bass playing i have it hard to improvise help me please.

  13. Hey Alex, very tight , nice job on the break down. Looking toward new stuff.

    Here is my new e-mail ***********, the old one ********* still works but am closing it soon.

    Happy New Year & may God richly bless you this season.


  14. Hi Alex

    Thanks for the new mini video…much appreciated and informative….between Fretboard Formula and your additional mini clips,I wish that I had another 30 years of life…as I’m sure there is enough information there to last 2 lifetimes…but I’m learning as much as I can!
    Happy New Year Alex!


  15. Lex- Great groovy lesson! The simplistic breakdown really helps. Itruly will stay Tuned.

    With much love and prosperity to you and yours,


  16. Hey Alex:

    First, let me say, thank you for being an unrelenting giver. I really like the short lesson video, it’s quick & to the point. I love the groove, it will go well in my bass vocablulary, for lack of a better term.

    Thanks Again!


  17. Happy New Year Alex!
    By now, You must realize that you are one of most popular and successful Music Teachers on the planet.
    Between BGS & FBF I have a whole lifetime of study at my fingertips.
    Thanks for all the extras!

    1. hahaha hey Kenny, thanks for the vote of confidence my friend you’re far too kind… (Most Popular and Successful Music Teacher… man I don’t think I was even nominated for that award… Heck no one even bothered to tell me when the award ceremony was being held! — lol)

      Have a great day bro.

  18. Hi Alex,

    Happy New Year to you and your family. The mini videos are a great idea, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow. I have to agree with Ken’s comment 100%.


  19. Great stuff Alex! With your instruction I really enjoyed discovering how such a tasty groove was actually soooo simple to play! Going forward, how bout some Bernard Edwards stuff? I got the Fretboard Formula course, haven’t read it yet as it was for my wife to give me for xmas (nice wife!) but I guess it must be full of similar material?

  20. Thanks Alex

    Happy New Year to you. I’m still getting through the fretboard formula at the moment but I might take some time off to tackle this. You make it look so simple.

    Take care

    Chris G.

  21. Hi Alex,
    again, great lesson. Maybe you could sum up shortly the degrees you are playing in the video text, to save
    some time for some comments on phrasing and timing issues. Both are essential in order to get this groove.
    Also it seems to me, that on your bass the height of the strings over the fretboard is quite low, so that with
    some tones you get a kind of slap sound by heavy picking. Maybe you could give some advice on this, it sounds really nice, and its often heard from excellent bass players.

    By the way: You are giving by far the best lessons I ever had, and also your customer relation is outstanding!

    Happy New Year and God bless you.


  22. I hope your 2009 exceeds all your expectations, and I wish you the best! Thanks for rejuvenating my enthusiasm for practicing and getting better at my craft.

  23. Hey Thanks Alex!

    I love the concept of short lessons and the chance to build my chops with more fill ideas.
    Keep it comin’ Happy new year to ya!!


  24. Unreal – exactly what I am wanting!!! Breakdowns of grooves with the fretboard formula in action!!! You rock Alex – keep it up

  25. Alex
    This is what I am talking about…Thinking up octives cool fill runs short and sweet. I hate playing around the route 3rd and 5th all the time

  26. Alex,–man that was way too cool!!! I feel like I’m stale in a lot of ways, and I can see your groovin’ will wake up the sleeping beast in me. Excellent–thanx so much!!!

  27. Alex, you da man! I jammed out to that groove for about 20 minutes and came up with some amazing variations and fills. I am going through the Fretboard Formula one more time over the winter months, and then I am going to step up and go for the new lessons. I really appreciate your approach to teaching/sharing, it is like jammin with the guys… Thanks for everything Alex, and a very happy, healthy prosperous 2009 to yuo as well.

  28. Hey Alex,
    Any chance you’ll be doing anything with Jermaine Griggs any time soon – I’ve got some keyboard courses from him and like both of your teaching approaches for each respective instrument.


  29. Alex,

    I started using Bass Guitar Secrets last week.

    I did not read all the posts, but is it possible to put the session into four string
    exercise form below the video, or did I overlook a click?

    Your course is top shelf.


  30. Great vid alex, by the way that stuff in the first lesson about think of a bass as a hand held drum kit has gotta be the most smartest thing i have ever heard, eveyr time i listen to a song it makes perfect sense. Thanks loads

  31. hey alex i’m lovin your CG-X system sofar it’s a great book especially since i’m a beginner i’ve already learned some new techniques thanks so much!! 🙂 happy 2009 man and thanks again

  32. Shalom Alex,

    A blessed New Year to you & your love ones…. Great stuff…. really enjoy it but just listening…. Thanks

  33. Alex, happy new year to you too and thanks for keeping it fresh for me. I’m unlearning many years of bad habits thanks to you and enjoying the new grooves.


  34. Hey Alex !!! Happy New Year to you. Thanks for the video. Love how you broke it down. You’re an awesome bass player. Looking forward to the next video. One day I will play that good…

  35. Alex,Happy New Year!!thanks for sharing your mastery of the instrument,I’m enjoying your lessons.

    all the bass,

  36. Nice!

    I like the short lesson. Just enough ideas to make it interesting; not so many as to prevent me from having time to do it!

    Happy New Year Everyone.

  37. alex,

    happy new year.

    the mini lesson concept is very helpful. thank you for your sharing. i applaud your passion for teaching.


  38. Alex,

    I got to tell you are a smooth bass player with clarity and plenty of theory. I own a TRB6II and now i realized after hearing you play yours that the TRB6II is really a great bass. Perhaps in a class by itself.

    Let’s stay in touch…

    Be Blessed!!

  39. Hello Alex,I bought my first Bass last night and could use some assistance as far as where to start.I have played drums for most of my life and wanted to see how the othe half of the beat lives.Any help would be appreciated,love the video!!!

  40. I want to learn the bass line of Boogie Woogie Woogie by Taste of Honey.

    Please show a video of you demonstrating a mini lesson.



  41. alex.

    thank you for all you do. do you have or plan to have any lessons w/ music notation? i play bass in a pit band and i try to keep up w/ my reading skills.

    over 50% of my practicing is done w/ your materials. they are a great help and i am learning to loosen up a bit (compared to strictly reading bass charts). you inspire me to learn new things. thanks, again.



  42. man oh man i think you are a great teacher and love how you play the bass. and i tthank you for the little lesson that you give. because people like me that can’t afford
    your or any lesson this help alot so once again thank you and may God keep on blessing you and your’s

  43. Hi Alex,
    and all you fellow bassists. well you just keep on coming up trumps ! I have played for over 20 years, and have been working my daily routine for the last month re CGX system ……….. everything just seems to be falling into place……… I have seen the light……….. thanks to You ! love the video lessons,it’s good to feel that personal touch. Hope to pick up fretboard formula soon………. what else can you show me ……………….. a whole lot more.. keep on . keeping it on.. thanks a million …………. bob

  44. Happy New Year Alex,

    I love these mini lessons. I really appreciate how you slowly break them down so that it can be picked up and mastered very quickly. I look forward to viewing your next videos. With penci land paper, I have notes. (YAAAY!)

    You are helping me so much as I am looking forward to stepping out this eyar and actually become a bass player and I feel that all of your materials are not only a reference but great material to work from.

    Keep up the EXCELLENT work!


  45. Alex, that was really good for me to work on. I am have drastically improved my bass playing ability and understanding since enlisting the help of the BGS, FBF platinum, and all the vids that you post. Thanks and Happy New Year!!

  46. This is awesome stuff, Alex. You break it down so well. I’m still digesting the BGS course. The fretboard formula course is going to be my next course!!!!!!! Keep it coming with the blog videos, brother!

  47. Hey Alex,

    Great lesson, and very groovy!! I was wondering if you can post the a downloadable beat so i can (and a lot of people) practice with it. Let us know. Thanks.

  48. Alex great lesson great break down. I am looking forward to the return of fretboard formula so I can catch up. Keep the videos coming.

  49. Hi alex,hope all is good.I’m 47 years old and i;ve been impressed with the bass guitar for a long time.3 years ago i went to sam ash and bought one for 179.00,not bad to start learning,,i ended up buying bass guitar for dummies but got stuck,,my son who is 15 loves the bass also.for next christmas he wnats the five string,,any way i was browsing through the computer to see if i can find something more than just a book,,,well i was impressed with your course and decide to get it for boyh me and my son and hopefully we get something going,,thanks again and God bless,,we haven;t received the course yet,but i;m watching your lessons you email me,,,tHANKS BUDDY…bass all the way…..Sergio

  50. Dude, Man, you’ll never believe what happened to me for my new years. Someone broke into my house and stole my basses!!!!!!!. Your keeping me sane.

    Nice funky groove.

  51. Alex,

    Sweet lesson, very “Groovy” ;o)) I hope you get some additional copies of the FBF in the works. My freaking credit card didn’t work for the few days you had it up for sale :-O

    Turns out some %$#@ had tapped into the paypal info and the credit card processing company kept rejecting the card as a result, unknown to me of course until it was too late!!!!. All is well now, but you are sold out of course.

    Please let us know when more are available!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    Rob in Canada

  52. Hey Alex,

    Happy Warm and Prosperous New Year to you and all yours also. Man, that’s a nice grove to start off the new year with. I look forward to all you have to offer.
    I’ve come a long ways, followering your style and technique. I love what your doing, and how you bring forth what we need to know, in being that bassist in demand. I’m to the point of being in demand for what I know thus far. (Smile) Thanks man for everything, and keep up the good work.

    P/S “You’re The Man”…


  53. Great breakdown. I love the way you show how the song is put together harmonicaly rather than just saying what to play where. I whent and lernt this strait away and then wrote a grove inspired by it.
    thanks heaps

  54. Hey thanks for the video. Actually I kind of droped out for a few months from studying, and man did this put me back to being motivated. Even though I take private lessons twice a month.
    Thanks! and thanks for the periodical follow up, it helps me discipline myself!

  55. wow……….
    small video is much more easy in understanding. note by note. you are great.
    it realy sonds nice even on my four strings J & D 100. mostly i play Indian hindi film music songs but anyway i would try to use this pattern where ever possible.
    thanks a lot and keep it up.

  56. Alex,

    Happy New Year to you and yours also. I just purchased the bass secrets and following the material I have learned so much that has helped my playing. I am really excited about learning more from the material. Also I wanted know if you ever broke down the bassline to Erykah Badu’s Didn’t Cha Know? You are doing a great job with sharing your knowledge of the bass. Thank you!

    Peace and Blessings,


  57. Hey Alex. Great mini lesson. Shows how easy it is to create a great groove with just a few notes, but loads of feeling. I’m working my way through your course and finding it really useful. Any chance you could make your videos bigger? I’m huddled over the computer with my eyes screwed up to see it and haven’t figured out if it’s possible to view full screen. I’m probably being dim but any help would be welcomed.

    Keep up the great work.

    Mike in Lincoln (England)

  58. Hi Alex,

    These art trinkets, gold nuggets. I’m finally understanding the Lydian concept. Never had a teacher so I work at it own my own. Thanks man for the hand up.

  59. Ciao Alex from Italy and happy 2009!
    Great stuff.Just wonder wether along with blog would be
    possible to have a forum or a digest where all of us can share
    each other experience with all your works.
    p.s. Awaiting for timing lesson and for bassaccelerator issue…

  60. Alex, Thanks for the time you give us, this stuff is hot man. By the way the Fretboard Formula is the way to better bass playing. I am getting comments about how I am getting better and better. Thanks. Rob

  61. Alex thanks for the mini lessons. You are the greatest teacher Ive known. My playing is much improved . Cant wait for the next one. God Bless you.

  62. this is the first time ive seen you on video….I’m slack on the email…anyway, only a brother, or a whiteboy with soul (like me), can make a bass sound like honey being poured out of a jug of sugar!!! ROCK ON BRO!Randy Jackson would be proud!

  63. Hi Alex,
    Happy and Blessed New Year to you and yours. I love your style, methods, and ability to teach like no other. I started BGS on a 4 string- just got a 5 string and am loving it. Do you have a mini-vid of the bass line to Eddie Hazel’s “California Dreamin” ?(hint, hint). I missed the FBF before- passionately awaiting its return. I have found no other teaching courses that can even touch yours- you have a gift!!! Thanks for all that you do for us. Hope to meet you someday in person. Again THANKS…

  64. kay,at first I only took the emails for the free lessons,but I think I might save up and buy your course.Do you accept walmart cards(Joking)

    typing with my feet while playing random notes is hard.

  65. Wow thank you for your time and effort!!! that was hott Inspirational and encouraging!! That pumped me up big time!! As sound as my unemployment check gets here Im getting your $97.00 offer and Im getting started I have sixty days to get tune up for priase and worshop at my church Ive been on Hiatis for a year now and Im ready to get back to my ministry thanks and God bless you 100o fold I pray to work with you always


  66. Alex, Happy New Year to you too.

    In my opinion, You ARE THE MAN!! I appreciate all the tips and sharing the music info. Keep on sending them.

  67. Hi Alex,
    This is the perfect mini-lesson sample for me to learn from. Short enough to play over & over until I can figure out what you are doing. I love the groove & need to work on the rhythm & timing issues. Using the degrees does help me alot. I understand this. In my opinion a 5-12 minute lesson is much better then a 30 minute lesson for one sitting. Keep up the good work.

  68. Thank you Alex, and thanks again! These are the types of lessons I have been looking for. Short, yet so sweet that I can add them to my book of knowledge. I am an intermediate player, and need some continued encouragement. The mini-lessons like Star Child will be perfect for this.
    P.S. The Fretboard Formula is awesome. I practice a lot now and my wife said I am not getting my chores done. The chores can wait. Fretboard grabbed my attention, and I am learning so much that I can’t stop now. Keep on being you. Happy New Year!

  69. U such a wonderfull guy, keep it up 4 helpin we de bass guitar learners, Alex pls help me out wit some low lessons to be a good bassist since am a new bass learner. may God bless u, nd happy new year……..

  70. Hi Alex,

    Thx~!!! U helped me lots although i still can’t play very well…
    But you HELPED* alot… Thx for all the tips and info Keep it up~!!

  71. Hi Alex:
    This is just a quick note about the FBF. I am really enjoying the FretBoardFormula and learning a lot in the process.
    The breakdown of this song is really great; I can add it to the arsenal I am storing up.
    Thank you,

  72. i realy love your video on guitar lesson,but how i wish i have the money to buy your materials on bass guitar.Your lessons on line has realy helped me a lot.If you can do me a favour and extend your blessings upon my life to send down your cds and some materials that can be useful for me on bass guitar i will so appreciate it.And i pray God will bles u.If God lays it in your heart to do it,this is my address;N.B.T.S.O.,P.M.B.4008,Ogbomoso,Oyo State,Nigeria.Code:23402

  73. Wow. Exactly the type of class I dream with. Everyday I learn something more. I get together with other bass players (some instructors) but many lack the ability to transmit the message like you did on this video. Solid! Thank you, L.

  74. Good job bro, I wish one day I can do it too ooh I’ll try if my age can help me because I heard after age of forty hard to learn any things and I’m 45 now and I’m trying for two years to play but I can not fit there I keep trying any stuff ,
    thanks to your support

    Ali Sabbati from Kuwait city

  75. Hi Alex, Thanks for very helpful lessons.Though it does not be apparent to you, I enjoy your instruction.You are a “musician’s musician”.
    Barry Layne.

  76. i like that beat im just a beginner and thats about my fifth cord so u know i need your help please. help its hard to find some one to help me,but im not going to give up thanks for beat.

    comment by carlie

  77. Alex,

    Great little funk groove. Will definitely be adding this one to the vocab. Simple yet very effective. I can wait to try this one out with the guys that I play with. They like to jam on a lot of one or two chord grooves.

    Keep up the great work.

    Roy (Montreal Quebec)

  78. Hey Alex:
    I sent for your 21 day trial, I know it will be everything i’m expecteing it to be, and more. Thanks for all you do
    GOD Bless Rodney Wyatt

  79. Hi Alex:
    I am really enjoying these lessons. I have one request for future lessons. Can you lift up your camera a bit so we can get an idea of how your right and left hand is working together?

    Thank you Alex,


  80. Alex I thank you for this lesson on making the cut funky. I’m in the beginning of my lesson pack so I need everything you can give me. God Bless !

  81. Thanks Alex, you’re a God-send.
    your tips are helping me already and i haven’t even ordered yet =]

  82. …so nice to be able to put a face to the name…..!

    ….now that I’ve seen your ‘style’ on camera, am reassured of all that matters…..thanx for being you!! (you’re the best person qualified, anyway!)

    ….am progressing slowly with ‘the course’ – the reasons for slowness are to do with an ammount of (over?)-commitment in other but similar areas (am involved with choirs, and trumpet and vocal work)……am xcited at the prospect of playing bass (I sing mainly bass in the choirs), and do like your approach very much…..have admired many bass players for decades: it’s just such a funky-feel-good instrument – a party in four strings!!
    ….keep it up, bro’; what you do serves us all ‘out here’ really,really well.

    ………………….THANK YOU!………………

    cheers, and happy days,
    from James,,(in Queensland, Australia)

  83. hey,dude
    I’ve been playing the bass guitar for a year and I think I’m one of those that struggle to play better and sometimes just fail..some weeks ago, a guy in our Church said he wanted to learn the bass too so he started to lean things and now,when I listen to him it’s like he’s been playing for years.Some people even told me he sounds better than I.:(
    I really long to play the bass better.
    thanks for your lessons,
    hugs from Romania:-)

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