A killin’ bass run from J. Raines!

There’s only 2 things you need to know before you watch today’s video…

1) Today’s bass lick is probably intermediate level, but I’m confident you guys can get at least parts of it… Watch the video to understand…

2) We’re now at video number 4 of our “Top 5” countdown… Number 1 is next! Don’t miss it.

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21 thoughts on “A killin’ bass run from J. Raines!”

    1. hey tony,

      we both use mainly d’addario nickel… usually a medium gauge. But on the “F Bass” i’m using “fbass” strings at the moment… Those are nickel too.

  1. Awesome, I am very excited and can not wait til 11/11/09. This is great stuff. Please keep it coming. My instructor is not here yet, so the flavors keeps me going, thanks. Alex..

    1. i Am Bass Plyar From 1980 til 2009 wthis many Bands like pop music & jazz music & orianyal music wthis arabic scals i byed electric Double Bass NS 5 strings in 10/10/2009 am locking for a lessons for this if u can helpe me for thsts .
      Beste Regards

  2. Hi Alex,

    Nice, as usual. I have’nt been able to keep up like I want to because of school but your fills an bass licks videos are keeping me from totally straying. I can barely wait for the Double T #1 video! Thanks for keeping my imagination and interest peaked.

  3. I will definetely be picking up The Gospel Bass Player! Many thanks for the other courses as well it is making a huge difference in my playing. Living in Montreal you see alot of the F basses you know if Alain Caron is playing one there pretty sweet!

    1. Good to hear you on board with GBP man! And about the F bass, yeah man I’m pretty happy with it… You right man.. Alain is a ‘MONSTER’… The guy don’t make no sense! 🙂

  4. Hi Alex, Im pretty much a beginner but I am almost able to pull off the chicken! I just love the clips and the humour. It is such an inspiration and makes me want to try harder and practice more. I love my bass!!!

  5. Alex. Thank u man this is really beauitiful teaching brother. bass was stolen from me how ever im still enjoying the tips im not over the loss of my baby she was a 1979 aria super pro two series .o well im getting a music man i think. the fret board and or the neck is just a bitt fatter . my hands / fingers are a bitt small . having to watch cash flow on that buchett . played a schecter diamond series c4 had great action. what do u think about this brand schecter .700 hunderd or less on sail . thank u as i get a bit older i see its not always about being fast as some think . smooth brother thank u . hold it together love looking @ the bass as a set of drums. to cooool

  6. Hi Alex,

    Keep up the good work. You’re really helping us on our bass playing skills. I’ve bought The Fretboard Formula and Bass Guitar Secrets. It has improved my skills and my knowledge far beyond my expectations. I haven’t been playing for more than twenty years. A year ago when I first visited your website, you’ve convinced me to pick up my bass again. Man thanks for that. Nowadays I almost play on a daily basis. Practicing all your exercises and because of that I’m playing in a cover band now. I’m almost fifty years young now and never expected that someone on the other side of the planet could change my life in that way. To me you’re like president OBAMA – yes we (I) can!! So thanks for that. Just one question though. Could you make it possible to provide the Bass Chopz in a downloadable version. For us Europeans it is a lot easier (and cheaper) if you could provide it in this way. We even have to pay extra custom taxes, I’d rather prefer to pay that extra money to you for all your hard work. I don’t need a trial period I know that your products are PERFECT. Hope it’s possible! Best regards!! Keep it coming!

  7. hey man…. i’m already using these bass fills…
    i actually love the #1….it’s my favorite. i like using it right on the actual 6th note.

  8. Yo I just got the new DVD Course “The Contemporary Gospel Bass Player” and it is hot! I only hope that I was one of the first 100 customers so I can get the bonus items. Thank you so much Alex and crew. Great customer service, great products!

  9. Does anyone know the book series “Rescued by…”? One could be “rescued by Alex” for bass players.
    I believe I have most if not all of the material from Alex and I am really impressed by how much my playing has improved. To tell you I have bought material from someone else too just recently just to realize that it is another one of the kind of things I have been buying in the last 20 years or so and they just confuse you a great deal then they wish you good luck.
    All of what I have so far from Alex is tremendous! Now I can do ( with a smile on my face…) what I like from my favorite bass players. The distance is growing and so does the respect too between me and the guys at church, I play with from time to time. As you see there are comments from over 50 y. jung guys here on the blog. Am one of them …. don’t give up!
    Thanks to Alex, Tye (correct?) and everyone else behind the doings … Now I am just awaiting the delivery of my GospelBassPlayer material.

    jc Switzerland

  10. To me the Gospel Bass Player DVD-series is is the most powerful ” Self Defense Program” for bass players. It raises your awareness, you are ready to hit the right time the right place (note) and make your next move. Just skip the ad message at the begining of almost any DVD and start the lesson…by the way Alex why this adverstisement?

  11. I appreciate your time ,effort and the website . I am getting a new lap top that has a fasted processor. I cannot find a program to download the vidioes faster. 11 minute takes a long time . If I loose it I hav eto do it all over. lol . I wish there was a program to speed up the process? Keep up the good work Alex. Thanks also for your great websight

  12. Alex, you’ve been a tremendous inspiration to me and you keep my bass from gathering dust. I don’t play gospel music, but I bought the course and love it. There’s so much in there for players of all styles and the jam tracks were worth the price of the set!

    It’s been a while since these videos were updated, and I’m sure you’re busy…but don’t leave us hanging! Hopefully you’re hard at work on Rock Bass – The DVD Set!

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