"Meet some of our Bass MVP
Clients and see the exciting results
they've been getting."
Jason Smith
From Gawking Over Others to Literally
Being "Chased After"...
"...When Jason opened up for a major gospel artist he was convinced he’d be one of the 'smallest' bassists there… That is till elite players were asking him for licks after his performance."
Charles-Ray Long
From "stuck in a regurgitating-rut" to
free-flowing ideas...
"...Even though Charles had been playing since he was 16, at best he could still only learn a song and regurgitate it. We helped Charles understand how to speak the language and finally tap into his unique playing voice!"
Joe Ferragamo
The lightbulb finally went off
in his head...
"...Joseph went from literally being terrified of leaving the first 5 frets and riding only root notes, to having experienced musicians comment that his playing is now at a whole new and exciting level."
Eugene Stanley
Night and day difference
almost "overnight"...
"...To his surprise, it took just a couple short months of following the program we laid out, for Eugene to blaze past a friend of his who started playing bass at the same time as him!"
Ken Windheim
From storage locker 
to stage...
"...Ken had put down the bass for 32 years… Today, using the path we designed, he finds himself as a valued member of TWO house bands and consistently gets playing complements by artist he works with!"
Peter Stillberg
Starting over and now
better than ever!
"...Peter started playing in his teens then fell off as life got busy… Today he’s in his 60’s and he's playing more often, is more confident and the improvements are obvious and undeniable!"