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"Why Your Bass Playing Is Stuck
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You will leave finally understanding why some bass players can so easily come up outstanding things to play, totally by ear, even when approaching a song they didn't previously rehearse or even know.
"What to do when you've tried
everything and nothing has worked
to improve your bass playing
like you hoped."
Recently we sponsored a public survey of 614 bass players who were studying from all the same sources you likely are… (Private lessons, books/DVDs, popular bass forums, well-known YouTube channels, Facebook groups and various paid online membership sites.)

Sadly, 81.1% of them admitted that despite having played for years and following all the common advice, they were still largely unable to translate all the stuff they knew into confident, spontaneous fluency and high levels of musical creativity when they played.

Despite practicing all the "right things" (scales, arpeggios, finger exercises, modes, must know riffs and songs) they still felt like their bass playing was grossly underachieving.

After years of practice;
  • They still dreaded being in "off-the-cuff" spontaneous situations where they had to play something on the spot by ear...
  • Their playing still felt monotonous... Lacking the creativity, style, phrasing and musical vocabulary they heard so routinely from other more accomplished bassists...
  • Their execution of ideas was choppy and severely limited to a small "safe-zone" on the fretboard
We can help.
As you've probably realized, most advice commonly given about improving your bass playing is either incredibly vague or frustrating and impractical.

And that's why we specifically help overwhelmed, frustrated and underachieving bass players radically improve their creativity, musical vocabulary, spontaneity and style so that they can play some of the best damn bass of their lives starting in 90 days or less.
Our approach is
dramatically different.
The undeniable truth is there is a very specific set of things almost all fluent bass players have invariably stumbled into at some point, that rapidly and drastically changed the trajectory of their playing for the better...

...And it’s almost never some magical scale, mode or arpeggio.

And after more than 14 years working with closely with tens of thousands of practicing bassists, we've been able to uncover the exact things that most predictably triggered that next-level growth you're looking for...

It ABSOLUTELY can be duplicated, and our purpose now is to clearly blueprint that fine-tuned process for you, to help make you one of the real MVPs of any band you play with.
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“Here’s why your bass playing
isn’t improving and
exactly what to do about it.”
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“Our clients see drastic
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playing ideas and spontaneity.”