Introducing The "language of bass" method™... 

"How We ‘Cloned’ A Truly Remarkable
Language-Learning Method...

...And Used It To Get Students Confidently Playing The Most Impressive Bass Of Their Lives - Faster Than They Thought Possible!"

"...I don't know if I can explain not only how impressed I am, but how eye opening this book is! We all want to be in a place where we can handle the bass with confidence in any situation and this not only gave me that opportunity, but also helped me realized that doing so wasn’t far-fetched." 

brandon morgan

New Book For ‘Stuck-In-A-Rut’ Bass Players Explains In Detail, Exactly How to Play The Most Fluent & Creative Bass of Your Life, Using A System That Finally Teaches Music Like An Actual Language!

If you’ve been playing bass for more than 3 - 5 years but;

  • ...Your progress feels stalled, no matter how many songs you try to learn...
  • ...Your ideas are stale, sub-par, messy and ignorable, no matter how much theory you study or exercises you slug through...
  • ...Your practice time feels scattered and overwhelming but still mostly futile...
  • ...You're constantly making excuses to avoid playing with others or shy away from any playing situation where you may be "put on the spot"...

…I want to try something new, exciting and (quite frankly) very different for your bass playing.

I'm going to show you how to replace all the ineffective things you’re currently doing with a more direct, practical and predictable system for becoming fluent on the instrument...

...By finally understanding how to learn music like an actual spoken language!

This won't take special talent, neither will you need a time machine. (In case you think you're "starting too late.")

It took more than 11 years, but we’ve finally managed to accurately 'clone' and re-purpose a fool-proof language acquisition system developed by linguists...

...And we've quietly been using to help frustrated, part time musicians like yourself, go from hopelessly envying other bass players and struggling to copy their lines...

...To fluently and spontaneously speaking their own creative musical ideas in almost any playing situation - on the spot.

And for the first time ever, I'm revealing this entire "language-based" process in my new book called, The "Language of Bass" Method™...

The book is only $4.95, you can have a copy in less than 2 minutes AND I'm giving you 7 amazing FREE BONUSES just to try it out and see if you like it.

On top of that, if for any reason you don't like it, I'll even give you your money back and you can keep the book as a gift from me, just for trying.

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"This is an absolute “must-read” for anyone trying to take their bass playing to the next level..."

Lawrence pointer

"The book is a must read / must apply for those who wish to unleash their passion through song - at will!"

darren davoue

"I gotta say I love this book! - Absolutely Brilliant!!"


Alex Sampson, Founder


My name is Alex and for the most part, the first 8-9 years I spent as a bassist were pretty discouraging and quite stagnant if I'm being honest.

...I bought all the books and DVDs... Did all the online lessons and attended all the clinics I could which ultimately led to;

...Hundreds and hundreds of hours spent learning scales, studying theory and practicing exercises.

Yet, despite all that earnest effort, I never really felt like my musicality was improving past a certain level, like I saw for others around me.

  • I could learn and play some songs reasonably well if given the set list with enough lead time (although I'd generally ignore the really intricate parts)...
  • I could partially copy some of the things I heard other bassist play...

...And even with a head full of "knowledge" I never really felt like I had the ability to "come up" with stuff like that myself. (Much less on the spot!)

While other bassists I knew got applauded when they flexed their "musical muscles", I'd always get told to "just keep it simple"...


  • ...I'd totally avoid any playing situation with other musicians where I felt I'd likely be exposed as the weak link...
  • ...I'd retreat to the privacy of my basement to practice all the things I'd been told would make me a better musician...
  • ...I'd lose myself in a maze of videos, lesson plans, books and exercises only to end up feeling completely overwhelmed with too many things on my 'to-try' list...
  • ...Ultimately the burst of motivation would dwindle because I simply couldn't see how the things I was doing created any real, visible result for me...
  • All the while wondering why it's just not clicking for me, when I keep hearing the same regurgitated advice from all the players I admired...

But Then This happened...

This cycle continued until right around my 10th year playing...

...When by total dumb luck I walked into a bar, met and later started working with a bass mentor I'd quickly come to realize, truly processed music in a way that was drastically different to literally everything I'd been taught...

Unlike everyone else I'd met, the phrase"music is a language", (which I'd heard a million times) wasn't rhetoric or a cute cliché for him.

From the very first conversation we had, he got me to clearly understand that if music was in fact a language, we should probably be learning to play by following the same process that we used to learn to speak our first language.

But better yet...

...He immediately started laying out a sequence of counter-intuitive "bass-language-learning" activities that had single-handedly gotten him to a level of effortless fluency with his playing.

Funny thing is, almost all of these "language learning" activities, were the polar opposite of the things I had been devoutly spending most of my time on!

Do you have what it takes to be an Admired,
Fluent And Confident bassist?

(Copy this Very Specific 'Language-Learning' Process And Find out)

I'll admit...

There were several times in those first 9 years when I was convinced I just didn't have what it takes either.

...Yet fast forward to today and as a musician I've now toured extensively with award winning artists, played everything from sold out arenas with tens of thousands of people to the most exclusive private events, hung out with celebrities, appeared on national TV and overall just had the most amazing time playing music with elite musicians I respect and love.

And the only reason I'm even mentioning this is to illustrate how drastically things can change even if you feel like you've been stuck forever.

And that's why...

...Even though I don't personally know you, if you're reading this letter I think there's a good chance, you too, are a far superior musician than you've been able to realize thus far.

Because achieving a high degree of competence on the instrument (even after failing for several years) isn't a "talent" thing...

It's a "follow-the-right-process" thing.

And while some people accidentally stumble into doing the right things, just by virtue of practicing 14 hours a day, then learning and consistently playing hundreds of songs over 20 years...

That's not what I want for you.

Most of you don't have the time it'll take to travel that route.

...But when I started accurately and intentionally treating music like an actual language the difference was immediate and undeniable.

For the first time after almost 10 years of false starts and diligently but aimlessly devouring every piece of musical education I could get my hands on - something finally clicked...

...And I saw genuine improvement in the ideas I'd play when presented with a new song, as well as rapid growth in my confidence and competence to improvise ideas on the spot.

In fact...

Without any exaggeration, I made more progress and got more playing opportunities that very year than I had in the previous 9 years I had been playing...

...All by changing the things I spent time practicing so that they more accurately aligned with what is required when learning to speak a language.

And that's where my obsession began...

...Taking the initial seed ideas my mentor had shared with me over that one year, I'd dedicate more than a decade of deep research to even more accurately;

  1. 1
    ...Understand the fool-proof process that naturally leads to us fluently speaking our first language...
  2. 2
    ...Then to test, fine-tune, expand, refine, simplify and apply these proven 'language acquisition' concepts to learning to play the bass - in a predictable and reliable way I  now feel anyone can use!

How to Learn to Play the bass like a literal Spoken

language - And Get Fluent FAST!

Inside The "Language of Bass" Method™ I'll share with you the exact process we now use to help part-time bass players (who don't necessarily gig 20 times a month or practice several hours a day), fast-track their progress to confidently shine alongside seasoned pros...

...Without complicated theory or years of mindless scale exercises - By understanding how music can naturally be mastered the same way we all learned to speak!

In the book you'll discover;

  • The single practice strategy you should most likely employ if you already know the basics, still feel stuck and want to quickly redeem the wasted years…
  • The "secret" behind learning songs much faster than you currently do right now, and why some players can "parachute" into a gig, church service or jam session with little to no preparation and still play things "off-the-cuff" that have people bragging about their playing…
  • A critical "language acquisition" violation most struggling musicians unknowingly commit, that stalled their progress from the very start - And how to fix it even years later!
  • Why most people’s effort at learning and using music theory fails them and what to do instead.
  • The ONE THING that most accurately predicts who gets fluent at speaking a language and who fails – And why this same "skill" is what will ultimately lead you to constructing bass ideas that most other players would never think of...
  • Why almost every stuck bass player is likely thinking about and trying to use scales all wrong - And what to do instead if you want to speed up your ability to "speak the language!"
  • The 3 critical but little-known steps that result in us being able to think ideas and speak them instantaneously – And how you can directly apply these exact same steps to fluently play the musical ideas trapped in your head!
  • Why you have difficulty recalling 85% or more of the musical phrases you learn, as little as 30 hours later... (This likely has nothing to do with having a bad memory or even age).
  • The 3 types of "ear education" necessary to speak any language fluently and why they are exactly what’s missing if you hope to ever play musical ideas off-the-cuff…
  • How much bass vocabulary you really need and exactly where to get it…
  • The "Vocabulary Accumulation Process" that explodes your musical creativity by giving you immediate access to ideas you’re hearing in your head.
  • The truth about learning common music vocabulary and developing your own voice - Do this correctly and you’ll fast-track your bass playing… Do this incorrectly and your bass lines will never have any real impact.
  • The missing steps to truly owning your bass vocabulary and being able to execute them at will… I'll show you an exact duplicable process to follow!
  • How to re-activate and leverage your brain’s most powerful language learning feature and use it to speak the "language of bass" fluently and almost effortlessly…
  • The only purpose of “bass chops” and 2 simple steps that guarantee you’ll know how to effectively move ideas from your mind directly to the fretboard in real time!
  • Hands down, the single best way I’ve ever seen to develop amazing "feel" similar to that of your bass heroes!

Get Your Copy Right Now For Just $4.95 And
Get All 7 of These Bonuses For FREE!

...And for a very limited time when you order your copy of The "Language of Bass" Method™ book for just $4.95, you also get the following seven free bonuses:

Also Included With Your Order

Bonus #1

The "Language of Bass" 7-Day Fast-Start Video Course

How to apply Our New "language Acquisition" approach to Ignite your bass playing, even on a Tight schedule!

One of my biggest pet peeves is investing in training to get a specific action plan only to be given a laundry list of 5,000 things to do, that "could work."

Remember this... "More is not the answer to too much," when overwhelm is the primary reason most people are stuck in the first place!

That's why, in this concise video course I want you to look over my shoulder as I walk you through 7 specific practice activities based on our language learning framework that will give you immediate bang for your buck starting from day 1!

Let's make this simple...

...Read the book, follow the activities in this 7-day course and watch your playing improve day by day!

Bonus #2

The "Fretboard Speed Reading" Method

How to "memorize" all the notes on the fretboard in a single 27 minute sitting...

Most beginners (and very many intermediate players) openly admit that they still get "hung up" trying to quickly identify notes in many areas of the fretboard…

In this training I am going to show you a very clever method to permanently fix this handicap in ONE SINGLE sitting.

I’m going to reveal what I truly believe is the fastest and easiest way to learn the entire fretboard and really KNOW the names of notes in a flash.

And despite the name, this has nothing to do with forced memorizations, nothing to do with using silly mnemonics tricks and nothing to do with the "CAGED" system guitarists use...

Picture this… 27 minutes from now, I point to a note anywhere on the fretboard and you simply name it out loud in a blink of an eye!

Bonus #3

The "10-Day Bass Chops" Workshop

How to Find and fix the technique bottlenecks that are restricting your bass playing ideas...

I want to show you a methodical step-by-step approach you can apply over the next 10 days, that will very likely have you more confidently playing things you're currently messing up...

In just ten (10) days you'll learn:

  • Why I've been steering students away from most conventional technique exercises, and what I've replaced them with instead - that's easily given them 5-10 times more bang for the buck, when they sit down to practice!... (This is BIG!) 🔥🔥
  • A truly clever and counter-intuitive approach to conquering challenging lines that you probably think are out of your league... Use this "hack" and you may very well surprise yourself with what you can actually play...
  • The very specific "Speed Development Practice Method" I now use whenever I find myself stuck at a certain tempo, and why the typical "do it slow" advice, may actually have created "invisible speed bumps" in your own playing!

Bonus #4

"Navigating The Standards" Jazz Intensive

How to expertly navigate the critical chord progressions that make up Most of our music

For a lot of bass players, jazz is one of the more daunting genres of music to play.

...And that's primarily because jazz tunes typically involve more intricate chord progressions (that in turn force more movement around the neck) and also require a greater level of harmonic understanding, than simply hammering away at a root note.

But those are also the exact reasons why the players who take the time to get competent at working through "jazz-centric" chord progressions, give themselves a massive "leg up"...

...Both in navigating the fretboard more fluidly AND in having more full-sounding ideas to play - Even when it comes to playing other genres!

In this masterclass we'll explore 12 "must know" jazz tunes and reveal all the tips and tricks you need for expertly navigating not just these songs, but also the critical chord progressions commonly found in Gospel, Blues, R&B, Neo-Soul, etc!

By the end of this class, your versatility in playing on multiple styles of music will have taken a gigantic leap forward!

Bonus #5

"In The Pocket" Groove Intensive

How to play 50 impressive grooves that are guaranteed to "wow" your friends...

Ask any great bassist and they will tell you...

...One of the most essential keys to improving your own bass playing and creativity, is to spend time "lifting" things other great bass players played.

That's why we want to put this treasure chest of top-notch bass grooves in your hands...

...If you've gotten tired of jamming to the same old songs and playing the same old repetitive ideas, here is a surefire way to instantly add more fun to your practice time and a truckload of fresh, new, creative ideas to your bass playing!

Bonus #6 🔥🔥🔥

The "Gospel Bass Adrenaline" Shed Session

How to Re-energize your playing with "ICE-COLD" grooves and licks "copped" directly from A Crack-shot Gospel Bassist.

Perhaps one of the purest displays of musicians who "stumbled" into learning music like a literal language can be found in underground gospel "shed" sessions...

...Where pockets of A-list players get together with the single mission of showcasing the very best musical ideas they have in their arsenal.

While these sessions are always chock-full of playing ideas sure to ignite your bass playing creativity they are almost always extremely exclusive and hush-hush...

That's why I convinced gospel wonder-boy J. Laws (who's played  bass for artists such as Drake) to come sit down and take you on a private, explosive ride through seven (7) hair-raising tracks he's hearing for the first time!

...The result was PURE FIRE and fortunately for you, we recorded and transcribed it all to bass tabs so you can ethically steal and use all of his ideas as your own!

Bonus #7

The "Effective Bass Player" Playalong Kit

How to add style and color to basic grooves without destroying the Feel and integrity of A song!

If you've ever struggled when trying to construct alternate, more creative ideas for a song, while maintaining the integrity and feel of a song, then this kit is for you!

Inside you'll be privy to a "case study in creativity" where we go through 8 songs of varying styles (Rock, Blues, Country, Neo-Soul and Jazz Fusion etc)...

...And present killer ideas for developing alternate, more intricate takes to the "default" root-note/scalar approach most amateur players would have taken.

...Who says that being an effective bass player, means playing only the root note against the kick?

How can we offer The Book & All These Bonuses for
a single one-time fee of just $4.95?...

No! That’s not a typo...

...The book and all the bonuses I listed above really are all yours for a one time payment of just $4.95... 

There are no hidden charges, no recurring memberships, neither is there a catch.

The reason I'm doing this is because I’m trying to make this new book an immediate bestseller, and the laziest way I can think of doing so is to "bribe" as many people as possible to get a copy with an outlandish amount of free stuff and teeny-tiny price.

Get The "Language of Bass" Method™ And
All 7 Bonuses For Just $4.95*

(*One time payment, NO hidden or recurring charges)

  • A digital copy of The "Language of Bass" Method™ book
  • The "7-Day Fast Start" video course
  • The "In The Pocket" groove intensive
  • The "Fretboard Speed Reading" training
  • The "10-Day Bass Chops Workshop"
  • The "Navigating The Standards" jazz masterclass
  • The "Effective Bass Player" playalong kit
  • The "Gospel Bass Adrenaline" shed session

Get Everything Above Today

For Just $4.95

You'll receive The "Language of Bass" Method™ digital e-book and
all the bonuses listed above,
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Here's What people are saying
about "The language of Bass Method™" book...

...The “Language Acquisition Method” you teach (along with the coaching you provide) have been real game-changers for my playing. If anybody is lost in the “how to play bass” wilderness (like I was), I hope they find this oasis.

kelvin levels

I consider the model you prescribe as a pain killer for the “stuck in the rut” aches that have haunted me and others for years. The book is a must read / must apply for those who wish to unleash their passion through song - at will...

darren davoue

I have been playing the electric bass for almost 15 years. Alex's approach to musical fluency is unlike any that I have seen before. 

While many great teachers talk about conceptualizing music as a language, Alex is the only music educator to my knowledge who has devoted the time and research to really explain what this means and why so many more traditional methods lead to frustration.

I highly recommend it!

j.rosenfeld md

I gotta say I love this book… Absolutely brilliant!
To test, learn, study then distill these ideas down in such a clear, concise and powerful way is something approximating (and this is probably gonna make you uncomfortable) musical genius...

dan blais

You give all of the pertinent info for anyone willing to take the journey on their own. You really don’t leave anything out… Good sh*t, man!

malcolm jamal warner

...This system for acquiring bass fluency is different from any other method out there. If you follow the steps and do the work as he's outlined here, you'll find your bass playing improve a ton - and quickly!

steven hammersly

...I don't know if I can explain not only how impressed I am, but how eye opening this book is. It showed me exactly why it was important to abort most everything I was doing prior to your method.

brandon morgan

This is an absolute “must-read” for anyone trying to take their bass playing to the next level! Alex is one of the best teachers out there, and his approach and teaching style are radically different from anything I’ve ever seen...

lawrence pointer

You'll receive The "Language of Bass" Method™ digital e-book and
all the bonuses listed above,
within 2-5 minutes of ordering.

No Questions Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try It Risk Free For 90-Days!

I'll make this real simple... The "Language Of Bass" Method™ book will show you everything I said on this page, and more...

It is the ultimate blueprint for stuck bass players who truly want to learn to play as fluently and effortlessly as you speak your first language.

If you are not fully satisfied, just let my team know at www.bass.support and, not only will we refund your purchase, BUT I'll also let you keep the book as a gift just for giving it a try!

I'll even extend this guarantee for a full 90 days so you have more than enough time to try this new approach and see some actual results.

I recently Taught *part* of this system In A Mini workshop And this Is What Folks had to say... 

(In my book you get the entire system laid out step-by-step!)

Are you ready to see how Our "language Learning Method For Bass" Works?

The vast majority of clients we work with spent a good 7+ years spinning their wheels without ever really knowing exactly what to do to truly elevate their playing to the next level.

They've been through so many unproductive practice sessions, endless scale exercises, hundreds of hours of DVDs lessons, online courses, YouTube™ videos and even haphazard private tuition... Yet ultimately have so little progress to show for it.

Trust me... I know the struggle.

I ran the same hamster wheel for more than 9 years myself.

But I assure you, with what I know today about using the proven language acquisition process as a model for learning music, I would've been playing far better bass than I did then - In less than 2 years!

And I could've done it in a fraction of the time I spent aimlessly practicing all the things I did.

It's this very same "language-learning method for bass players" that I want to introduce you to today for less than the cost of a coffee at Starbucks™!

Get The "Language of Bass" Method™ And
All 7 Bonuses For Just $4.95*

(*One time payment, NO hidden or recurring charges)

  • A digital copy of The "Language of Bass" Method™ book
  • The "7-Day Fast Start" video course
  • The "In The Pocket" groove intensive
  • The "Fretboard Speed Reading" training
  • The "10-Day Bass Chops Workshop"
  • The "Navigating The Standards" jazz masterclass
  • The "Effective Bass Player" playalong kit
  • The "Gospel Bass Adrenaline" shed session

Get Everything Above Today

For Just $4.95

You'll receive The "Language of Bass" Method™ digital e-book and
all the bonuses listed above,
within 2-5 minutes of ordering.

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