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[separator class=”add-top add-bottom”] [row] [column width=seven] [row_nested] [column_nested_first width=one] [/column_nested_first] [column_nested_last width=six]”Is This The Simplest, Most Straightforward, Bass Playing System on the Internet?” (Read More…) [/column_nested_last] [/row_nested] [separator class=”add-top add-bottom”] [row_nested] [column_nested_first width=one] [/column_nested_first] [column_nested_last width=six]”How to Quickly Become One of The Most Valuable Bassists In Your Local Area…” (Read More…) [/column_nested_last] [/row_nested] [separator class=”add-top add-bottom”] [row_nested] [column_nested_first width=one] [/column_nested_first] [column_nested_last width=six]”47 Bass Groove That Could Work Miracles For your Bass Playing…” (Read More…) [/column_nested_last] [/row_nested] [/column] [column width=five] . [/column] [column width=four] [row_nested] [column_nested_first width=one] [icon xe603 class=”imglike small align left” tooltip=”Mailing Address” url=”http://www.bassguitartips.com/contact-us/”] [/column_nested_first] [column_nested_last width=three] Bass Guitar Tips
501 Cambria Ave,
Suite 336
Bensalem, PA 19020 [/column_nested_last] [/row_nested] [row_nested] [column_nested_first width=one] [icon xe601 class=”imglike small align left” tooltip=”Contact Support” url=”http://www.bassguitartips.com/contact-us/”] [/column_nested_first] [column_nested_last width=three] Support: www.BGTSupport.com
Email: Support[at]BassGuitarTips.com
Fax: 215-220-3053 [/column_nested_last] [/row_nested] [/column] [/row]

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