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…You know what goes really well with all the very cool “groove vocabulary” you’re about to learn?…

…Faster, cleaner, more efficient left and right hand technique, and better fretboard navigation skills.


Because nothing is more frustrating than having a slew of great ideas to play, all these great riffs in your back pocket, but getting them all stifled by hands that are slow, clumsy and cramped-up…

Well I’ve got you covered…

How To Find And ‘Plug’ The Holes
In Your Technique…

…If you want to give your technique a quick tune up to improve your speed, string crossing, alternative picking, raking, arpeggio playing, muting, shifting, reach, dexterity and LOTS more I have a 14 day practice routine you’re gonna love…

And because you just purchased “The 21 Day Groove Makeover” I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse…

Here’s an opportunity to add the perfect complimentary workout to your “21 Day groove Makeover”…

Start Playing Things On The Bass
That Are Currently Out Of Your Reach…

The 14-Day technique “tune-up” I want you to have is something that I use both personally and with my best students, and it’s called “The Essential Bass Rudiments – Dexterity Building Kit”.

It’s a collection of highly potent fretboard rudiments that is guaranteed to whip both your left and right hands into phenomenal, enviable shape, and because the entire thing is based around a 14-day routine you can simply incorporate it with the 21-Day Groove Makeover you’re about to start…

The retail price of “Essential Bass Rudiments” is $47 but to really encourage you to get it right now I’m gonna give you a deal that common sense says I should NOT be offering you…

Save 43% AND Get One of Our
Most Expensive Courses For FREE! – Today Only!

I’ll give you “The Essential Bass Rudiments – Dexterity Building Kit” for 43% off retail, (so you only pay $27) AND I’ll even throw in a FREE *DIGITAL COPY* of a $127 master class we did called “Breakthrough Bass Playing Blueprint”…

Yes it is totally unbelievable that I can offer you “The Essential Bass Rudiments – Dexterity Building Kit” for only $27 AND also give you a second course that we sell every day for $127 (Click here to see the website).

This Deal Expires In The Next 15 Minutes!

Two amazing courses worth a total of $174, for a one-time payment of just $27.

It hurts me to even type that out so to be 300% clear… The moment you close this page this offer PERMANENTLY EXPIRES – No Ifs, ANDs or BUTs…

…You can’t “get this tomorrow” or even 20 minutes from now… This offer is made one time and one time only.

And all you have to do is…

Click The Orange ADD TO CART Button Below…

…and my system will automatically and instantly add BOTH “Essential Bass Rudiments” AND complimentary copy of “The Breakthrough Bass Playing Blueprint” to your member’s area by the time you log in.

If for some reason you choose to permanently decline this offer just click the link below and you’ll get taken to your password but this deal isn’t coming your way again, even if you came back and bought a second copy of “the 21 Day Groove Makeover” tomorrow!

Add This To Your Order For Just $27!…

And Get This For FREE! (Digital Version)

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