"How to Noticeably Improve Your Bass Playing Ideas In The Next 30 Days..."

"How to Noticeably Improve Your Bass Playing Ideas In The Next 30 Days..."

...Give me just 30 days and I’ll teach you a reliable ‘Zero theory’ process that’ll have you creating bass lines you can truly feel proud of - Totally “Off The Cuff”!

  • Join our all new "30-Day Bass Challenge" and work with me personally to elevate your bass playing... 
  • The top three (3) most improved players will win cash prizes totaling $1,000...
  • Get weekly live face-to-face Zoom lessons, practice plans and daily assignments... (Details below)

"...Here's A Very Limited Opportunity to Get *Live* Personalized Help With Your Bass Playing For Next to Nothing!"

I wanna do something very, very cool…

I’m looking for a few bass players who feel like their bass playing is stuck in a rut… And I'm gonna work with you personally – *LIVE* – for 30 days to help take your bass playing to a new and exciting level…

And what's more, I'm sharing $1,000 in cold hard cash with the three (3) of you who show the most improvement over that 30-day period!

I’m calling this “The 30-Day Bass Challenge” and if you’re selected I'll personally take your hand and coach you through a specific, step-by-step, DAILY practice routine that'll quite likely re-invent your ability to spontaneously play far more creative bass lines, grooves and fills. 

...If you’re an "experienced beginner" to intermediate bass player who is tired of;

  • The overwhelming frustration of having 10,000 things to practice and feeling like you’re not making any real noticeable progress…
  • Doing random scales exercises, learning more and more theory, blindly learning songs but never seeing the real "pay-off" with how that stuff translates to you playing better bass…
  • People telling you that you’re a really good player, but secretly feeling like a "one-trick pony"…

… and would really like someone to just map out the exact things you should personally be doing day-to-day, to really move the needle…

...Then to give you the LIVE feedback and support you need to ensure you’re getting it all done correctly…

…Then you should definitely sign up for our "30-Day Bass Challenge" because that 30 days could quite possibly see you make more progress on the instrument than you did over the last 2 - 5 years.

We are specifically going to focus on a simple, “language based” approach that anyone can use, to confidently create dope-ass bass lines if you're ever put on the spot to play something “off the cuff”...

But This Is NOT For Everyone!

First off, I am only going to work with highly motivated and dedicated people, who can commit approximately 4+ hours per week.

...I am not going to ask you to do anything you can’t do, but there are no magic pills. The only way to achieve the type of dramatic results we’re aiming for, in such a compressed time, is if you are prepared to put in some work and be consistent…

Secondly, if you’re the "complaining, excuse-making, negative" type, please DO NOT APPLY.

There will be challenges…

...There will be things you can't perfectly do right out the gate, but that is normal. 

If your attitude is positive, I promise we can work through them… If however you’re the type to give up easily, your time would be better spent watching “Ozark” on Netflix.

So Here's How "The 30-Day Bass Challenge" Works...

Starting June 1st, we hold a live class once a week.

You’ll need a solid, reliable internet connection, computer, webcam, your bass and amplifier and a private place to work. We’ll hop on ZOOM (totally free and super easy to use)…

You’ll see me, I’ll see you and we’ll get the training started. I'll present some concepts, show you how to apply them and answer all your questions.

In between the live classes you’ll have assignments and an EXACT daily practice routine to work on. After 30 days, the three (3) most improved bass players will win CASH PRIZES totaling $1,000...

But registration ENDS when this timer hits zero. No exceptions!


Now Let's Talk About Those Cash Prizes...

...Because I'm so confident that the only way you can go through this 30-Day challenge, and NOT significantly elevate your musicality is if you simply DO NOT complete the assignments, I've decided to motivate you some more to be consistent...

...After the class is over, we'll decide on the top three (3) “most improved” students and they will receive CASH REWARDS as follows;

1st Place
$500 Cash

2nd Place
$300 Cash

3rd Place
$200 Cash

But Why Am I Doing This?

I don't stand to make any 'mega-bucks' for doing this.

...The registration fee 1) covers expenses for the class and 2) goes back towards rewarding the students who put their heads down and get the work done, but I do want to get some killer case studies I can feature on my website.

Because while some people are convinced that musicianship is primarily about having gobs of 'natural talent', I know for a fact that if someone is fully motivated, I can get them playing fresh, creative bass grooves, off the top of their heads - In as little 30 days...

So that’s what is in it for me… 

If you want to participate in "The 30-Day Bass Challenge" you need to be cool with me showcasing your success with 'before and after' clips of your playing on my website/promotional material...

Here's How You Get In On
"The 30-Day Bass Challenge"...

The registration fee for "The 30-Day Bass Challenge" is just a ONE-TIME payment of $497... $100, which honestly is laughable and we both know it. Like I said before, I don’t make any profit off this. 

In fact the real reason for the registration fee is to separate those who are truly committed to elevating the level of their musicianship, from the dreamers just like to 'talk the talk'... 🙄

...If you don’t value your bass playing enough to invest a measly $497... $100 worth of skin in the game for an entire month's worth of LIVE step-by-step, coaching, I'm sorry, but you’re probably NOT 'hungry enough'.

Join The 30-Day Bass Challenge Today For
The ONE TIME Fee Of Just $497... $100

Warning - Spaces are extremely limited!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

What if I miss the live class?

Is this good for beginners?

How much time will I need to dedicate?

Why are there cash prizes?

​What will I need to participate?

How is this only $100? What's the catch?

P.S.: All that's left for you to do is take action.

There has never been (and likely will never be) a more affordable, direct and simple way to get my LIVE, personal help in devising a comprehensive, daily practice routine that I'm confident can work a small miracle for your bass playing.

If you're tired of playing the same old stuff, reusing the same old riffs... 

...Getting frustrated learning scales, arpeggios and practicing dozens of finger exercises and frankly getting no where, then this is a golden opportunity to do something different to lift your playing to a new level - and possibly, even win some cash in the process!

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