student's list
are you in?

The following students are invited to our LIVE 10-Day Bass Chop Workshop

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to send in an application for this "Bass Chops Workshop".

The response was overwhelming, but unfortunately as I mentioned we could only select 12 students.

Once we've gotten this live class out the way, I'll be sure to report back with how it all went and maybe give another group a shot at working with us as well. Also, if any of these students can't make it or miss classes we'll open their spot to someone else.

Again thanks for the interest... If you see your name below we'll be in touch.

Each of you will receive a separate email TOMORROW at 12 NOON Eastern
with further Zoom™ login details. You will need to reply to that email to confirm your spot.
Your first LIVE session will be tomorrow at 8PM Eastern.

  • A. Fryar
  • N. Sousa
  • J. Cooper
  • R. Roach
  • P.M. Agunte
  • G. Ferguson
  • N. Sotomayor
  • D. Luketic
  • P. Arthur-Badoo
  • J. Yelland
  • Y. Ben-Hur
  • P. Bongiovanni