What's The Start Date and Class Schedule?

Class Starts: Thursday 14th October 2021 (Schedule is as follows)

  • Day 01: [LIVE SESSION] Thursday 14th October 2021 | 8PM Eastern
  • Day 02: [LIVE SESSION] Friday 15th October 2021 | 8PM Eastern 
  • Day 05: [LIVE SESSION] Monday 18th October 2021 | 8PM Eastern 
  • Day 08: [LIVE SESSION] Thursday 21st October 2021 | 8PM Eastern 

On Days 03, 04, 06, 07, 09 & 10 there will be assignments given but no LIVE Zoomâ„¢ class

Can I View The Recordings Later?

Recordings will only be available for 24 hours after a LIVE class.


Because I'm personally setting aside the time to work with you LIVE so we can help you create a specific result (get you playing something that you technically couldn't play at the start of the class) within a specific time frame (10 days).

Smart money says that 95% of folks will put this on their "digital shelves" as something to "check out at some point later" if we gave unlimited access to the recordings...

...Which totally defeats the purpose of our little experiment here.